4 years a shot of more than 500 short video "anti-cancer diary" laughs to life

After 80, the cancer girl insisted on the live broadcast for yourself for 4 years, more than 500 short video "Anti-Cancer Diary" laughs on September 21, September 21, Peng Lili put on the head towel, and smiled on time on time. Peng Lili promoted small commodities in live broadcasts. Peng Lili started broadcasting on time and expressed blessings and gratitude to netizens. At 9:30 in the morning of September 21, Peng 上海按摩论坛419 Lili, who was not sleeping almost overnight, took a cup of warm water from the mother, and took a piece of painted film, and started a variety of commodities samples on the table. At 10 o’clock in the morning, She has a live band in the shake. 32-year-old patients with lung cancer Peng Lili, starting to try live bands in the treatment clearance from July 2020. 4 years of illness, she insisted on shooting more than 500 short video, recording her own anti-cancer story, cheering for themselves. She said that his greatest wish is to live to 60 years old, "Re-accept the team".

At the end of the original two-hour live broadcast Peng Lili, a long-awaited table in Wuhan. She now borrows the dormitory of the company, "live broadcast" is located in the living room, a table is a "work station", both sides The closet is installed is a sample sent by 上海快餐工作室 the merchant. It is necessary to take samples in the middle of the live broadcast, and people must take a side. Before the start of the live broadcast, Peng Lili took a piece of head and wrapped a beautiful style in his head. Towel is convenient. "

The live broadcast of the morning of the 21st is two hours, because the body is painful in the past few days, only two hours a day, Peng Lili worried that he insisted that he was insisted, it took a piece of pain in advance, " 24 hours". Although it is a holiday, after the start of the live broadcast, a large number of netizens poured into the live broadcast, and many people were not the first time. Peng Lili smiled and greeted everyone, and he replied that netizens had concerned about the condition. When the popularity, Peng Lili took the goods before, and started to introduce: garbage bag, night lights, etc. Daily necessities, she laughs with live demonstrations; red dates, paper walnuts, sweet potato dry food, she tried to eat. When I saw the fan, she gratifying, he kept reminding the fans to "rational consumption".

After 20 minutes of broadcasting, she felt thirst, let her mother poured a glass of water, and only more than 10 minutes.

After 1 hour, her voice was hoarse, and finally the live broadcast was 20 minutes in advance. "There is no way, I can’t hold it.

"Pale Peng Li Li said that his own surgery cut a lung, another lungs were also lesom, and it was uncomfortable.

A live broadcast, Peng Lili sold nearly 50 products, because the unit price is not high, the sales amount is about 1200 yuan, you can get about 200 yuan for your hand, but she is still very happy, "I have near my dreams." A little bit.

In the most difficult robbery of this life, it was born in a rural family in Hubei Enshiba, because of the difficult family, she is very early in society. In March 2018, Peng Lili, who was working in Ningbo, I felt pain, I was diagnosed with Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was confirmed as lung cancer.

In order to let her daughter govern the disease, after the birth of Children, I decided to conceal the condition and only inform you that "tumor".

On April 12th, Peng Lili did the left lung resection surgery, followed by 6 chemotherapy, but there was no improvement. She knows that the real condition is "" At that time, the doctor estimated that the remaining time was not more than half a year. " Wan Ming-gray Peng Lili once decided to give up treatment, and tried to end lives, fortunately, they were found to stop in time. Under the support and encouragement of the family, she decided to face the status quo and cooperate with treatment.

In April 2018, Peng Ri Li did the left lung resection surgery, and then rely on the chemotherapy to control the condition, 21 days for each course.

On the two arms of Peng Ri Li, the dense Ma Ma is left behind, and she starts from the first chemotherapy, she began to get rid of it, and the hair will become a bald head. In 2019, Peng Ri Li’s condition had recurred, and the lesion began in the right lung, as it was no longer possible, and she could only use chemotherapy to control the condition. "I was" the most difficult robbery in this life, I was reborn in the past.

"Peng Lili encouraged himself. Live betting goods are responsible for the recommended goods" to spend more than 2,000 pavilum, saving her a lot of effects. "The 45-year-old" aunt "Huang Duxiang looked at Peng Lili live, while wiped tears. Huang Diangxiang is an Anhui people, caught in Guangxi. In October 2018, she accidentally brushed into Peng Lili short video" anti-cancer Diary ", the heart is sympathy, the special journey goes to the hospital to visit, is moved by her strength, most of the monthly revenue funded her, has funded more than 100,000 yuan in four years. Rely on" aunt "and the high-rise Peng Lili made more than 200,000 fees for the previous treatment.

Children and husband also played two workers in a Caidian site, helping daughters. After the recurrence of the disease, Peng Lili felt that it could not always become the burden of others. She had tried the water droplets and other channels, but the fundraising effect was not good.

From July 2020, she began to try to carry out live broadcasts on the shake. Because of lack of experience, she uses the treatment of gap to learn other people’s live tips.

The reporter noted that the goods she belled mainly of daily necessities, with some native products, and many of the goods were less than 10 yuan. After deducting the division, she doesn’t have much revenue per game. "There is only 50 yuan, and the maximum is less than 1,000 yuan." Relying on live band, she can have more than 2,000 yuan per month.

Although the price of goods is not high, Peng Lili insists that it is responsible for the goods recommended by himself. Only if I have used it, I feel that I can recommend it on the live broadcast; for the goods of food, she insists that she can try to eat, she can’t try to eat due to illness If you ask a friend to try it. "Looking at my live broadcast is a mother.

"Peng Ri Li said, after recurrence, she rushed home every time after checking treatment," I hope everyone is not ordinary, but these goods are really useful, then I feel very good. A sense of accomplishment.

"In the treatment, she often woke up in the middle of the night. Many people asked her that he would still have to broadcast the goods. She said," Because I want to live too much, life only has a chance, in fact, I want every pain to collapse. Give up, but after that, I feel that I can still, I can still stick to it.

"The appearance is always a smile in the lens. Peng Ri Li has been smiling, talking about the condition, and face netizens, she is standing:" I don’t like ‘sell’, but I hope to send you more positive energy. "On Peng Lili’s shake account, she took more than 500 short video. From May 2018, she has been photographed now, and she records her own anti-cancer bits, which is called" anti-cancer diary ". These videos also brought her nearly 300,000 fans, and some video views reached millions.

When not live in the goods, she will also chat between the lives and netizens to chat with anticancer.

Regardless of the frustration and pain in the shot, Peng Lili appeared in the lens is always a smile, confidently and netizens interact.

On June 18, Peng Ri Li just finished chemotherapy, the doctor made her drink more water, she took a few seconds of the video, and she smiled and drunk with a straw with a strap. " V ". The number of pictures of this short video reached 10,000, and thousands of people left a message, and netizens had a message indicated support. On September 15, Peng Ri Li was frustrated: the latest inspection results came, she insisted that the 4 years of treatment programs failed, the doctor recommended to replace the new treatment plan, high treatment costs make her unbearable.

In order to comfort the Peng Ri Li, Tong Yun and "Aunt" Huang Diangxiang came to accompany her to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Under everyone’s encouragement, Peng Lili hopes to create a miracle of life again. "Peng Lili’s previous treatment program is currently not obvious, we recommend that she adopts new treatment options.

"Attending doctor, Zhang Li, associate professor Zhang Li, associate professor, Tongji Hospital Cancer Center, Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, told that she took over Peng Ri Li in April 2020, which was previously immunized + chemotherapy, and the one-degree effect was better, but the condition of March this year begins to appear Solifery, the current tumor has spread to the right lung and other parts, and the situation is very serious. The new treatment plan can have a relief effect on the condition, but can create a miracle to see actual treatment.

On September 17, 2019, Peng Lili hit his parents and registered as a Chinese organ donation volunteer. After the child, I learned, I thought 上海喝茶资源信息 I cried for a week. "The society gives me a lot, I have limited capacity, I hope to return the society in this way", Peng Lili said that the funding of the society, rural cooperative medical and large (vast disease) insurance can also reimburse some fees, these She is grateful to be in the heart.