Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee launched a law enforcement inspection

Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee launched a law enforcement inspection

The Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress has conducted law enforcement inspections to indicate that the main growth of the business environment and the homework market, and the province has promoted our province’s business environment. According to the 2021 supervision plan, the Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee forms a law enforcement examination group, "optimization of the State Council" The business environmental regulations and the implementation of the Liaoning Provincial Optimized Business Environment Regulations have carried out enforcement inspections. This is a supervision of the provincial business situation in the fifth consecutive year of the Provincial People’s Congress.

  The inspection team revisited the implementation of the State Council and the implementation of the business environmental regulations in our province, focusing on 14 aspects of the system mechanism.

The inspection team went to Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou, Huludao and other municipal inspections, and committed self-examination of Fushun, Benxi, Tieling, Fuxin, Chaoyang, Panjin. The inspection team listened to the provincial and municipal exchange reports, convened 8 entrepreneurs symposia, with more than 50 different industry responsible comrades, and in-depth understanding of the market entities for the context of our provincial business environment.

  The inspection team learned that the party committees, governments and their relevant departments at all levels in the province will promote the important basis of the "Optimized Business Environment Regulations" and the Liaoning Provincial Optimized Business Environmental Regulations as the Optimization of the Environmental Environment. Easy to do things, the rule of law, strong cost competitiveness, ecological livability as the main starting of marketization, rule of law, international development goals, aggressive, active progress, the provincial business environment construction work has achieved a long foot progress.

  The inspection team fully affirmed the results of our provincial business environment, and suggested suggestions for issues found in the inspection.

The inspection team pointed out that on the basis of current good work, optimize the top design, break the institutional mechanism barrier of business environment, learn advanced experience, improve platform construction, and further strengthen the awareness of the rule of law, market awareness and service awareness, seek real Dependent, for a long time, to create the best province of business environment. The inspection team pointed out that in-depth investigation, breaking the obstacles as soon as possible, further improve the system mechanism to ensure that the power is scientifically effective.

Deepen integrated government service capacity building, the province’s unified planning, overall promotion of government service platform construction, and better implement "one network service". Promote the inclusive prudent supervision concept, further enhance the business environment "affinity". Establishing a "Do Not Curse" window involves the problem of rapid response processing mechanism to promote the reform of commercial system. Improve policy publicity and counseling accuracy, reduce enterprise search costs.

  The inspection team pointed out that it is necessary to pay more attention to market subject feelings, improve the level of refinement of institutional design, and continuously optimize business environmental government service systems, making it more confident.

Adhere to marketization, the direction of development, and standardize the use of "tangible hand" to provide fair competition for the market entities. Vigorously promote the promotion of typical and experience in innovative demonstration roles, and create a good social atmosphere. The inspection team pointed out that to build a policy comparative research mechanism and put forward practical and effective reform measures.

Hire professional third parties, scientifically conduct assessment of business environmental construction assessments.

Based on "Liaoyutong", the construction of public data platforms in our province will be fully improved, and the full amount of data resources are promoted to the network, break the "information island".

Building a unified Liaoning Provincial Financial Comprehensive Service Platform, building a complete service network, forming the development of provincial and municipal communication, misplaced services, mutual support, and promoting the difficulty of resolving the financing, financing expensive.

  The Inspection Team also proposed specific comments on further revision and improvement of the Liaoning Provincial Optimized Business Environment Regulations.

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