There is a kind of concern called "Beijing Mongo"

There is a kind of concern called "Beijing Mongo"

  There is a kind of concern "Jingjing Mongo", there is a kind of hope called common prosperity.

As one of the main recipients of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Bahrain’s right flag has been supported by Beijing Economic Development Zone in various fields, and the two places have formed a focus on the sinking and all domain cooperation. .

  Labor cooperation, realizing the job of working.

In order to help Bahrain’s right sources to achieve employment dreams, Beijing Economic Development Zone and Bahrain Right Banner jointly organized "point-to-point live broadcast" online recruitment fair, and jointly construct an employment platform for job seekers. Through the recruitment fair to coordinate 14 companies, Beijing Mercedes, Jingdong Logistics, Yue Kang Pharmaceutical and other 14 enterprises, launched more than 1,000 jobs, and help the rural pastoral area of ??labor. 805. Establish a long-acting mechanism for college graduates employment information, providing efficient and accurate employment assistance for graduates of the flag, and the first batch of more than 270 jobs have been released through the official WeChat public number of the Employment Bureau. Industrial collaboration, consolidating the romantic stone.

Bahrain’s right flag checks the breeding model of "Village Collective + Farm Person Substitution" to implement "Village Collective Buy + Agriculture and Hermatsu], using Jingmeng Support Project funds, purchase 400 high-quality lake base ewec, 10 in each group Only -20 is only packaged to the needs, with the form of a mate, regularly charges the income, while the villagers increase the income, the village collective economy is constantly growing. Consumption help, product sales to the country. Through Beijing-Mongolian help this link, Bahrain’s right flag products "Yicheng excellent products" platform, Jingdong relying on local e-commerce platform, conduct business improvement training on the e-commerce center, add more than 100 jobs in micro business, cloud customer service, more than 100 Add more than 1 million yuan, let Bahrain’s right burner, miscellaneous grains, ribs and other farmers and animal husbandry features from Bahrain, go to the country. This year, Beijing Economic Development Zone has signed a 2021 help agreement with Bahrain right, donating Zhouqiang, a district-level collaboration fund, and Beijing Yicheng Cooperative Development Foundation donates a public welfare to Bahrain. Provide strong financial support for the Rustic Rustic Revitalization of Bahrain. The new relationship between the help relationship has brought high quality development opportunities for the right flag of Bahrain.

According to the functional positioning of Beijing Economic Development Zone, Jingwa Street and Bahrain Ronghua Street and Bahrain Right Banquet have signed the help agreement; 2 schools, 1 hospital, 10 companies, 10 companies, 10 companies, 10 companies 2 schools, 1 hospital and 10 in the right flag; 2 social organizations help 2 villages. Railway standard, explore new ways of cooperation in Beijing-Mongolia.

At present, the total investment of 100 million yuan, the total construction area of ??10,000 square meters (Yizhuang · Chifeng) Komotive Industrial Park is under construction and Chifeng City, which is planned to work in March next year. The main structure is completed, and it is operated in July 2023.

After the project is completed, it focuses on the compact enterprises related to cultural medicine, Mongolian medicine, innovative medicine, medical equipment and diagnostic reagents, realizing the incubation of industrial incubation, scientific and technological achievements, and all tax revenues in the industrial park will also return to Bahrain.

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