Take a warm tomorrow to 16 ° C, next to the next cooling

Take a warm tomorrow to 16 ° C, next to the next cooling

Modern Express (Reporter Xu Hongyan) Opening a new week is a familiar "freeze every week." Jiangsu meteorological said this week is sunny, the province is still in the morning, the province is still under the ice point, the highest temperature rebound is obvious.

At 15-16, there was a rainy weather, and the new round of cooling is ushered in 16-17. It is expected that the minimum temperature in the province is less than 0 ° C. Monday morning, some "frozen hand is frozen", and the north of the river is basically below the freezing line. It is fine to return, the temperature is rapidly rebounded. Most of the temperature is around 9 ~ 11 ° C, which is a few days ago. Still cold. Sardays continue, the highest temperature in the province will rise to 12 to 15 ° C.

However, the temperature in the northern part of Huaibei is still lower, lowest-2 ° C, other regions 0 ~ 1 ° C. The last big meteor rain feast this year – Gemini is also burst in the morning of the 13th evening 14th.

It is also good to say that the observations will be good. However, this time the sunny process is slightly short.

Since November, the rules of cold air "business" have been obvious, basically in the weekends "on". This week is slightly changed, and it will be "in place" in the week.

Affected by it, on the 16th of the 15th, there is a rainy weather in the province.

Specifically, the 15th, the Southern China is cloudy in the cloudy rain. There is a cloudy in the rest of the other regions. There is light rain in the night; there is a small rain in the Huaibei area and gradually turn around to cloudy.

The temperature in the rain will continue to rise.

On the 15th, there is a minimum temperature of about 4 ° C along the Jiang and the Southern Southern region. There are about 2 ° C for other regions; the highest temperature, there are about 13 ° C in the eastern part of Huaibei, other regions 14 to 15 ° C. On the 16th, the minimum temperature is 5 ~ 6 ° C in the northern part of Huaibei. It is about 9 ° C in the Southern Southern, 7 to 8 ° C in other regions; the highest temperature of the Southern San, 13 ~ 14 ° C, other regions 11 ~ 12 ° C Jiangsu weather also launched Nanjing one week temperature Change map, can be seen from the figure, Nanjing temperature gradually rebounded, up to 14 ° C on the 14th, 16 ° C on the 15th; the lowest temperature is also a big step, the lowest temperature is 1 ° C on the 14th, the 15th is coming 5 ° C , Up to 8 ° C on the 16th. However, since the 16th, the cold air body will arrive in Jiangsu. The highest temperature begins to decline, and only 8 ° C in Nanjing on Saturday, the lowest fell below the ice point, only -2 ° C.

The minimum temperature from the province of this cold air is also on Saturday. At that time, the province is a frozen mode, including the Huaihe North-5 ~ -6 ° C, other regions – 2 ° C.

Nanjing three-day weather 14 sunny to cloudy southern wind 3 to 4 level 1 ~ 15 ° C 15 days cloudy to turn overcast small rain is equivalent 3 levels 5 ~ 16 ° C 16 day yin "small rain northerly wind 3 level and gradually enhanced Related recommendations from 4 to 5 to 12 ° C.