Responding to the social concern culture and the tourism department to apply for 764 proposal proposals in the 2020

Responding to the social concern culture and the tourism department to apply for 764 proposal proposals in the 2020

People’s Network Beijing March 9 (Reporter Lian Pack, Liu Jia) Reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism Department Research deployment. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to it, and the representative member is satisfied with the results.

According to the official website of culture and tourism, the 2020 Culture and Tourism shall undertake 11 pieces of the 13th National People’s Congress three conferences, add 1 piece than in 2019; 409 pieces recommended by the 13th National People’s Congress, add 40 more than 2019 Part; 344 pieces of proposal to the 13th session of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, add 47 in 2019. The 764 proposal proposal was concentrated on a high concern of the people in a series of hot difficulties in cultural and tourism.

Affected by the epidemic, the proposal is recommended for work hours, heavy tasks, high requirements, cultural and tourism department overcomes difficulties, and continuously improve work mode, and do a good job in relevant proposals, and complete all recommended proposals on time, handover The masses are satisfied with the answer. It is understood that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has received the recommendations on promoting the "Internet + Tourism" to promote the high-quality development of tourism industry. "" Suggestions on Further Improvement of Document Industry Supporting Mechanism "" "About Strengthening Intangible Cultural Heritage Suggestions for Inheritance and Protection "" Suggestions on supporting the development of large-scale tourism industry in deep poverty-stricken areas and national key ecological functional districts ".

In promoting the "Internet + Tourism", the Culture and Tourism Department implements the cultural industry dual-creation support plan, cultural and tourism, promoted the Internet innovation and entrepreneurship platform and the public space service upgrade, and build digital culture and tourism industries. Innovative ecology. The digital content innovation and development projects such as Digital Palace and Dunhuang allow excellent cultural and tourism resources to "live" in digital technology. In financial support policies, the "Cultural and Tourism Department’s Notice on Doing a Good Good Monetary Policy Tool" "Culture and Tourism Office" Culture and Tourism Office on the use of local government Notice of Bonds "" Cultural and Tourism Office’s Notice on the Exemption of Cultural Understanding of the Construction of Cultural Understanding "" "The Office of the Ministry of Finance on the Culture and Tourism Department of the Tourism, the Tourism Development Fund Expenditure, Some Tourism Development Fund Expenditure Support Tourism Response Epidemic Shock announcement of".

Through experience exchange, online training, etc., organize and guide all localities, re-discharge, local government special debt, cultural business construction fees, etc., to alleviate the dilemma and financing problems of culture and tourism enterprises.

In strengthening non-legacy protection and inheritance, according to representative recommendations, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will further improve the non-legacy protection system, improve the number of national non-representative inheritors record work mechanisms.

Promote non-income into the national education system, build non-legacy curriculum systems and textbook systems. Increase the protection and support of non-legacy inheritors.

Further innovation of non-legacy protection utilization methods and propagation methods, support non-legacy inheritors, related companies to design and improve non-legacy products, establish a social influence brand. In consolidating the results of the poverty, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism increases policy guidance on deep poverty-stricken areas. Help Demonstration Zone to create a unit unified planning layout, optimize public services, promote industrial integration, strengthen comprehensive management, implement system marketing, and promote economic structural transformation and upgrading.

Based on the establishment of a national A-level tourist attraction, the Cultural and Tourism Department has continued to encourage depth poverty-stricken areas including Qinba Mountain, actively declare and create national national tourism demonstration zones, national rural tourism focus. Quality tourism brand projects such as villages, national tourist resorts, demonstration leaders to local tourism improvement and upgrading. In the construction of national cultural parks, the Culture and Tourism Department serves as a lead unit, striving for the project and financial support of the Development Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance, and actively promotes the construction of the Great Wall National Cultural Park, goes to Zhangjiakou, Qinhuangdao and other places to conduct field research, planning to launch the Great Wall country Research on the Innovation of Cultural Park Management System. Adoption of representative members, communicating with Inner Mongolia Culture and Tourism Hall, and the "Great Wall National Cultural Park National Level" "" Great Wall National Cultural Park (Inner Mongolia Section) Construction Protection Plan (recommended draft) "is revised.

In terms of the cultural protection of the Yellow River, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is stepping up the development of "Yellow River Cultural Protection and Protection Protection Plan" and the three special planning in the field of cultural relics, intangible cultural heritage, and tourism, and will be included in the cultural protection, inheritance and promotion of Huang River. " The 14th Five-Year Plan is planned to make a deployment arrangement, build the Yellow River Cultural Heritage Corridor, launch the boutique tourist route, and build an important tourist destination for the development of the Yellow River culture. Printing and distributing the "Huanghe Cultural System Research Work Plan" will rely on relevant universities and hospitals, mobilize the cultural research power of the Yellow River culture in the Huang 9 (district), and establish a Huanghe culture research base. The Ministry of Education promoted the popularity of the Yellow River Culture into the campus.

The National Cultural Relics Bureau issued the "Operation Plan of the Huanghe Cultural Heritage System" "Yellow River Basin Cultural Relics Survey Work Program" "Yellow River Basin" Resource base. In promoting the high-quality development of the literature industry, the cultural and tourism department established a special research group, to Beijing, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangxi, etc. Difficult and policy needs.

Fully absorb the proposal, and communicate with the development and reforming committees and other departments, promote the integration of cultural and tourism industries into fund support, financial support, tax reduction, low cost, etc. Promote the completion of the recovery.

In terms of rural cultural revitalization, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism went to all localities in the second half of 2020 to carry out the "Public Cultural Service Guarantee Law" law enforcement examination, field inspect the basic system of public cultural services and the implementation of the policy, and urge the people’s governments at all levels. Performing the responsibility of the public cultural service guarantee, increase fiscal investment, and protect the people’s rights to enjoys basic public cultural services.

Adoption of proposals, strengthen business training for rural public cultural teams through exemplary training, tour, remote training, etc.

Continue to implement the "Spring Rain Project" "Sunshine Project", "Dream Project", so that cultural volunteers have become a living force to promote the revitalization of rural culture.

In combination with the implementation of the "Double-Caterear Support Program" of the Cultural Industry, leading to cultural enterprises, institutions to carry out industrial cultivation, absorb employment and skills training in rural areas, poor areas, and retain young people in rural development.

It is not only a response to the representative member, but also to implement the reasonable recommendations of the representative committee to practice, truly solve the problem, and promote work.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism puts the proposal proposal to work and improve work, improve the relevant policies to better integrate, and open the "last kilometer" of the transformation of processes.