The proportion of this round of epidemic is rising, or related to the age of patients and the decay of vaccine antibody

The proportion of this round of epidemic is rising, or related to the age of patients and the decay of vaccine antibody

  This round of epidemic is still spreading.

Compared with the epidemic caused by Delta (Delta), the proportion of severe patients after the neoguan virus is slightly elevated. According to the website information of the National Health and Justice Committee, as of 24:00 on October 28, according to the report of 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there are 701 cases of diagnosed cases (including 38 cases of severe cases).

Heavy scale%.

  "This wave of epidemic is increased, and more than infected is related to the elderly.

In addition, it may also be related to the vaccination time of vaccination, and antibody attenuation.

"A epidemiological expert said.

  Delta variants are high in viral load, and the speed of communication is called. In fact, scientific research has proven that the severity of neoguanponic symptoms is positively correlated with viral loading. However, in the epidemic caused by several Velta in front of China, the intensity ratio did not have a prominent performance.

At the State Council joint defense press conference, Feng Zijian, a researcher, China CDC, "From this Guangdong epidemic, people who have not been diagnosed with vaccines into severe or severe proportion Significantly higher than the vaccination, it indicates that the vaccination responding to the variant virus is still protected. "Previously, according to the information released on September 16, the Putian City Gujian Committee was issued in 157 cases in the diagnosis of the disease (1 Example: Male 37 years old, 1 case: female 27 years old, 66 cases of ordinary type, light 89 cases. "There is no much serious case in Putian City, which has a big relationship with vaccination.

"A expert who participated in prevention and control said that compared with Delta epidemic in June, heavily, heavy and critical illness accounts for% (5/127) and% (6/127), respectively, in 127 cases. However, this It is not so lucky.

In the 75 cases diagnosed in Gansu Province, 12 cases of severe diseases. Experts of Gansu Treatment Group explained that the patients in the patients have more, most patients have more than 50 years old, followed by most patients with basic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic pulmonary diseases.

The increase in the propagation speed of Delta poison, high virus load, long turns, and shortage of disease, the difficulty of treatment is increased. New crown pneumonia has emerged so far, more of severe and death in the elderly group, Delta variants are also true.

However, the successful vaccination program leads to a relaxation of the transformation into hospitalization, severe diseases and death, which has been verified globally. On October 29th, the latest issue of American Disease Control and Prevention (MMWR) "showed that after the new crown virus variant Delta dominates, the hospitalization rate associated with neoguanponic inflammation increases.

During the epidemic of Delta from January to August 2021, the proportion of neighborhoods aged ≥ 50-year-old necropic pneumonia stayed in the ICU or in hospitalization.

≥ 65 years of adults have the largest number of deaths, especially adults aged 18-49, larger than in hospital patients, and researchers believe this is due to the large age.

  But a large study in Canada has found that people who are infected with Delta variants have increased the risk of ICU and death.

  Why did the vaccine have more critical diseases? "If the vaccination has occurred after vaccination, this may be related to the anti-body attenuation, as the amount of antibody is reduced, and the ability to remove the virus is also weakened.

"The above experts believe.

  The attenuation of new crown vaccine antibody has been confirmed by scientists, and the reinforcing needle has been launched in many countries, and China has also launched a key crowd inoculation.

  At the State Council joint defense jointly press conference, Wang Huaqing, chief expert in the immunity planning of China’s CDC, said that according to the current research results at home and abroad, with the increasing vaccination time, some people’s neutralizing antibody levels are Drop, the protection effect is weakened. In this case, enhanced immunity can improve the level of antibody, and quickly let antibody levels rebound.