The front street of the Hall Hall of Xiamen City: Target the anti-prevention safety barrier with "no community"

The front street of the Hall Hall of Xiamen City: Target the anti-prevention safety barrier with "no community"

The Huli Court packaged to the Xingyuan community, and communicate with the grid.

The front street of the Hall of the Huli District is deployed to prevent and supervise the supervision.

Portrait to the end, lateral to the side. The street joint discipline inspection, market supervision, urban law enforcement, health and epidemic prevention and other departments, establishment of the epidemic prevention and control comprehensive examination team, daily, in the case of the inter-area closed-loop management, implementation of the restriction of the closed-loop management measures, and implement the announcement of the announcement of the on-site inspection And rectification, form a list of daily, timely feedback to the community to rectify, and implement the "back" mechanism, fully strengthen inspector inspection, and fully implement the management requirements of key prevention and control.

It is strictly forbidden to eat, strictly limited flow, strictly investigating illegal … As of now, there are 14 coupons, and 614 openings, rectifying 614, talking about 26. A order: Party construction leads, together to twist the "one rope" epidemic prevention and control focus on the grassroots, difficult to point in the base layer, the maximum force is also in the base layer.

A strong grassroots party organization is a protective barrier that makes the masses. The 31 communities of the street and 18 villager groups quickly led to the formation of the epidemic prevention and control work group, and the party members as the core volunteer team quickly assembled, strictly implementing the various initiatives of the closed-loop management of the falling cells, so that the party flag flutters in the war.

Prevention and control awareness "strong". As the first "whistle", the communities (groups) are strictly in accordance with the community control "eight", and personally manage the "five all" standards, they do have a good gate. All community properties provide information such as Gossian Code, Name, ID, Room ID, and Contact Information, and earnestly check the community residential entry certificate, and each resident will enter and enter the community.

In addition to personnel management, community vehicles are also tuned by control, and foreign vehicles will not be included, and there is a great reduction of the risk of communication.

Management service "Good". In order to strengthen express delivery (takeaway) management, the communities also set "express (takeaway) isolation boxes at the bayonet. The item is taken away from the consignee, and the "non-contact distribution" of the outside investor is not only caused by the daily life of the residents, but also more peace of mind. The public environment "excellent".

According to the principle of "full coverage, no dead angle, no blind zone, no blank", and the small district timing is specially killed. In particular, the key area of ??the residential corridor, green belt, trash can, etc. The epidemic investigation "fast".

Each community has a timely high risk personnel such as close contact and secret advice, and do health monitoring management. At the same time, by carrying out "knocking operations", homes to find row, telephone inquiries, etc., ensure that "no one can not leak one person".

One love: multi-party grilled, warm heart service a lounge isolation virus does not love.

In the epidemic prevention and control, the streets are doing both epidemic prevention, directing nucleic acid sampling, and conduct services in the first time they need, and crack the problem.

The yellow code detection quickly expanded. On September 27th, 13:50, the street, community staff street notice immediately immediately organized a "yellow code" nucleic acid test on the Ancient Town of Minnan Province. 14:30, the street first completed the point arrangement.

At 15:00, three test lines were opened on time. 15:45, the streets according to the situation of the scene, temporarily adjusted, and increase the detection line to 6.

16:40, the test line is adjusted to 10.

17: 10, 12 test lines are fully opened, and the "yellow code" is safe. Caring for the service one. Due to the cause of the epidemic, the community, community health service department suspends service, facing this type of special group, the Jiafu Community specializes in "one person and one gear", and the medical staff is arranged for the inconvenient residents, the community, the community Helping the old man also leads the community doctor regularly, and measures blood pressure for the elderly, chronic patients, and understands the health.

The high school community also admitted to the health status and demand for 43 operations of the jurisdiction, and the elderly in the audio visit.

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