There is a power at the foot of the shoulder.

There is a power at the foot of the shoulder.

  On December 4, 2021, Guiyang Municipal Headquarters Two-year Birthday, a group of data in the work group was delighted and emotion – "The accumulated transfer of the people reflected 25,336 questions, 21985, The rate of 95%, satisfaction rate is 84% ??… "The data is silent, but I strongly feel that the people’s voice is resonating; the data is powerful, from" key "to" face-to-face ", one article word appeal is converted to one by one Realistic scene, near the eyes.

"We are not the work of our years, isn’t it a group of to get into the ground water ‘collection … In a news report, a copy of the work, a copy of the analysis report, I look forward to the past Two years.

  In the winter of 2020, because the masses have a lack of lack of safety hidden lids, I started to comprehensively investigate the status quo of Guiyang City, the status quo, half-month, and related parties, and related Staff communicate more than 30 times.

That shares, stem from the mission of the public to the platform, as well as the mission of reporters. I have something to call, I have something to do.

Soon, not only the lack of the citizens reflected in a timely repair, a special symposium on strengthening the comprehensive governance of the well cover, also was held, and the 12 related departments in Guiyang launched a linkage mechanism, and fully promoted the management management management of Guiyang City. Work.

  After the manuscript was issued, I received a number of readers who turned into multiple times: "Look at your report, stand in the perspective of the public, I feel that such news is very social and worth, to keep this pair of worlds Look at the eyes of society.

"Looking back in more than 700 day and nights, we will continue to return to and from the masses and sectors, wear between a news site, all of them, and work hard, all in order to hold the pair of" reporters’ eyes. "

I still remember that this spring we retrieve lost bags for Guangdong tourists. She quietly sent a sweet lychee. Thank you; Water is a live report, busy transferring the staff of the trapped people’s department, and is full of sweat … urban governance, asked about the people. The integrated counseling platform is not only an important carrier that contacts the service, innovative social governance, but also the government’s attention to the voices of the masses, focusing on urban construction.

In the first half of this year, the platform has received more than 30 people who have received the performance of the people ‘s crossing facilities. According to the Guiyang Public Security Transportation Administration, it has been investigated, and "the" renovation "project" project "project" project, later became "2021 One of the Guiyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government is one of the people ‘ten practical’ "projects, which is officially launched in August this year. Subsequently, surrounded by civilized dogs, national civilized cities and recent "one circle two three reforms" construction, traffic governance, the majority of enthusiastic citizens have passed thousands of suggestions and expectations through the platform.

  In the past two years, more and more citizens have expressed their love and recommendations to the city, and more and more departments actively respond to the people’s appeal, and resolve the masses.

A citizen left a message opened a new path of the department to listen to the sound, and the new path of the migrant worn. Among the good atmospheres of the citizens and government departments, urban development is becoming more and more perfect, and the "three senses" of the public is increasing, and the people’s lives are better, and the public is synchronized with urban landscape.

  Every message is transmitted to the enthusiasm and voice of the public to participate in urban construction; every reply, discloses the determination of all levels of various departments "for the people"; each report, the improvement and changes in urban construction process Through the journalist’s eyes, we faithfully record and witness the courage and tenacity of individuals and groups in the era. "Happy birthday!" Night is silent, the integration of the military politics work is still a lively atmosphere. It is night, I have a dream in my heart, there is a responsibility on the shoulder, and there is strength under the foot. (Guiyang Daily Media Group Reporter Yang Wei) Editor: Wang Xiaoyu.