The first phase of Gui’an Hospital entered the end of the end

The first phase of Gui’an Hospital entered the end of the end

On March 21, the reporter saw the first phase of the project of Gui’an Hospital, Guizhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as "Gui’an Hospital"), and more than 800 workers, green, hydropower installation, medical equipment installation, etc. The post-end finishing work is accelerating, and the scene is hot and the construction scenario. Gui’an Hospital is a public three-level comprehensive hospital, located in the intersection of Baima Avenue and Tianhentian Avenue, Huashi Township.

The total number of projects in the project will have a total area of ??10,000 square meters and 1,500 beds. It has 32 different districts, which is planned to enter 52 clinical medicine.

As a major people’s livelihood project, Gui’an Hospital project construction is ready for social attention.

At present, the Gui’an Hospital Emergency Medical Technology Comprehensive Building, Ward Building, Medical Technology Comprehensive Building, Hydrocutoxicle, Administrative Office Conference Building and other projects have been built; inverted dormitory, energy center, sewage dirt treatment station, outdoor integrated gallery, landscape The post-end finishing work is in an orderly manner. In order to accelerate the progress, the construction unit Guizhou Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. is planned, strengthens the dispatch, and will have a scientific and reasonable research on the hospital’s prevention conditions with the Gui’an Hospital Preparatory Committee, Guizhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital. , Prepared "Guizhou Gui’an Hospital project construction, operation preparation promotion task decomposition table", fully promoted construction, and ensure that the first phase of Gui’an Hospital was built as scheduled on July 1.

Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Luo Changqing / Wenshi Zhi Chang / Figure 1: Overlooking Gui’an Hospital.

Figure 2: Gui’an Hospital outpatient building hall. Figure 3: Medical equipment is waiting to be installed. Figure 4: Construction personnel are undergoing welding construction.

(Editor: Lin Yan, Chen Kangqing).