The current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complicated about this epidemic situation is here!

The current epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complicated about this epidemic situation is here!

People’s Network Beijing October 30 (Reporter Zhang Wenting) This afternoon, the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism held a press conference, introducing the situation in which epidemic prevention and control and vaccination.Ministry of Health and Health Committee, the deputy director of the propaganda division, the propaganda division, in the meeting, rice said, to fully promote the improvement of the prevention and control measures, put each work, every link is doing fine.It is necessary to give full play to the role of nucleic acid detection and strengthening team, and ensure that the risk group is timely and effectively investigated.

It is necessary to resolutely be separated, limited time isolation, standard isolation, strict community sealing personnel do not leave home, timely cut off the epidemic communication chain, and control the epidemic fluctuations as soon as possible. It is necessary for the situation in the elderly patients, "one person and one strategy" precision, improve the effect of medical treatment. It is necessary to strictly control the various levels of external prevention input, resolutely prevent new epidemic input.

Continue to advance the vaccination work.

As of October 29, the national accumulated report was 2.2 billion times a new crown virus vaccine, and the number of people who completed the whole process was 1 billion. Wu Liang, deputy director of the Heilongjiang Heihe epidemic, and Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Separate Risk Administration Bureau, said that in general, this round of epidemic is wide, and the line is long.

From the current situation of the current epidemic situation, Inner Mongolia, the Nijaqi Banner has not discovered overflowing field cases for 4 consecutive days since October 25, which has been effectively controlled. Local recent new cases are mainly found in centralized isolation points. The results of pre-prevention and control measures begin to appear. The epidemic community communication situation is basically curbed. The next step will continue to strengthen the risk area control and nucleic acid testing, and completely control the epidemic as soon as possible.

Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and other provinces have no new cases for more than 4 days, and the epidemic in these areas is effectively controlled. Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Qinghai, Ningxia and other provinces are basically smooth. The recent cases of Gansu Province are mainly found in centralized isolation points, and individual regions have found sporadic cases in community screening. The next step will accelerate the investigation and infective source management of infection, and cut off community communication chains as soon as possible. Wu Liang has mentioned that the Heilongjiang Heihe epidemic has developed rapidly since October 27, according to the current streaming and viral sequencing results, this epidemic situation is not related to the local epidemic in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, etc., is a new overseas Enter the epidemic caused by the virus.

At present, the new cases are mainly found through all staff screening and active, suggesting that community spreads have occurred, and there is a proliferation of agers.

The State Council’s joint-defense mechanism has sent a strong working group to the Heilongjiang Heihe guidance to support local development of risk group investigations, nucleic acid detection, flow traceability and other emergency response work.

Wu Liang pointed out that this round of epidemic exposure to some places have a lack of paralysis, and the normalized prevention and control emergency preparation is insufficient, and the responsibility is not implemented. He reminded that with the cold, the epidemic epidemic epidemic in the surrounding country is intensified, and the national especially the port area should further strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen high-risk population screening and closed-loop management, strengthen epidemic monitoring, and take decisive measures in time. , Strictly prevent a multi-point outbreak prevalence. The National Health and Health Committee will continue to guide the deployment of joint-defense inter-control mechanisms, promote nucleic acid detection and streamline traceability, and strictly strengthen isolation point management and community control, from tightly check high-risk personnel and places, and promote measures to implement it in time. In place, effectively control the epidemic as soon as possible.

The proportion of this round of epidemic is higher than that of the epidemic situation. Guo Yanhong, the National Health and Health Committee Medical Management Bureau, said that due to this epidemic involving the infection of the old-age tourism team, 60 years old The proportion of the above elderly infections is higher. According to rough statistics, involving 40% of patients with elderly ages, more than 60 years old, with a total of 60 years old, with a high average proportion of people, plus some elderly, the proportion of this severe is the epidemic Both high.

In addition, this epidemic is mainly in the western region, and the western region itself is relatively weak, and some counties and cities such as Nijaqi are more weak. According to Guo Yanhong, for the above situation, the National Health and Justice Committee will focus on a fixed-point hospital that concentrates on the comprehensive capacity in accordance with centralized patients, centralized resources, centralized experts, and concentration of four concentrations.

At the same time, for the western province, 6 groups of national medical treatment experts who have extensive experience have rushed to the local area. Together with local provincial experts and medical personnel, for each patient, I will discuss the house, discuss every day, "one person "To ensure the standardization and homogenization of the entire treatment process.

In response to the most characteristics of the elderly, the monitoring of elderly people with severe tendency, the basic disease, and early intervention, preventing mimotycosis, preventing severe aggravation into critical illness.

Since this epidemic has already involved 14 provinces, Guo Yanhong mentioned that the online consultation system has also been established. For patients with high-risk, patients with high-risk patients, and multidisciplinary patients provide personalized patients. Sexual treatment solutions improve the treatment effect. Pharmaceuticals and resources such as plasma and specific immunoglobulin are allocated to all places, and support local treatment is supported. In addition, considering the relatively lack of medical resources in Inner Mongolia, in order to meet the normal medical service needs of the local people, the National Health Jiterary Committee also touched a national emergency medical rescue team, covered, outside, women, children and obstetrics Medical staff, with 14 medical crankshake vehicles, providing good daily medical services for the local people of the Ejina flag. The new crown vaccine enhanced needle finished 1 month of antibody approximately 5 times, and my country has been a new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle, then the immunity will increase the immunity after the new crown vaccine strengthens the needle? Can you deal with varying virus strains? In this regard, Wang Huaqing, chief expert from the immunization planning of China CDC, explained that by research, the reinforcing needle is to rapidly increase the level of antibody by increasing the vaccination agent.

Some inactivated vaccines have been completed for one month after the third needle, the antibody level and the second needle are about one month, and some may increase by about 5 times, some may be higher, which means it will increase its Protective effects. Regarding the problem of responding to virus variation, Wang Huqing said that all vaccines currently have a protective effect caused by the presence of variants, especially for severe protection.