The 5th Hip Hop Culture Industry Forum Guangzhou held

The 5th Hip Hop Culture Industry Forum Guangzhou held

With the battle of breaking, it has become the 2024 Paris Olympic Games competition project, the cultures behind the street dance and their cultures have gradually "outline", which has gained a wider range of attention.

On December 11, the 5th Hip-Hop Cultural Industry Forum was held in Guangzhou.

On the same day, many professionals gathered together, and the future development of the street dance industry. In recent years, the street dance gradually went to "ground" from "underground", and received the attention and recognition of parents, schools and governments. Huang Ding, deputy director of the China Dancers Association Street Dance Committee, said that he held a college street dance event "Art Dance" in Guangxi, attracting thousands of college students to sign up, "they are not professional dance students, but they are very creative It can create dance programs related to social hotspots, causing extensive resonance. " He also talks, with the influence of street dance gradually expand, more parents recognize that children are engaged in street dance industries, and some schools will work with street dance training institutions to provide street dance employment training. The executive director of the China Dancers Association Street Dance Committee, Li Jia, executive deputy director of Yunnan Union, is introduced, the number of street dance training student, street dance events, and the number of street dance students will increase year by year; the street dance group can receive commercial activities, and the revenue of dancers is improved.

China Dancers Association Street Dance Commission Shaanxi Union Director Haidong emphasizes "two legs", and the street dance group must even take into account business promotion activities, and also develop professional competitions.

Many guests mentioned that the street dance is a good Chinese story, carrying forward the excellent carrier of cultural confidence.

For example, the national first original street dance drama "our lives" in Guangzhou, telling the story of young volunteers happening around everyone; many dancers have tried to integrate national elements into the street dance, and Yunnan has a dedicated national street dance group. Street dance is not only dance art, but also sports competition. In the previous mention, some industry insiders are thinking about how to let the street dance towards specialization. The Guangzhi Street Dance Research Directive Master Liu Yan, the street dance is to be specialized, competitive, must set a set of objective, transparent evaluation criteria: "There are different dances such as Hip-Hop, Jazz, Locking, etc. in the street dance. These dance have formulated special technologies, reflecting project characteristics; in addition, the changes in the torso during dancing, which joints, and the angles of action, etc., these are directly measured.

With standards, the judges of the game can be rooted.

For example, the break dance has already formed a set of systems, although it is not perfect, but the at least is set.