Tudian: Taking the speed of speeding up the "seven hard fights"

Tudian: Taking the speed of speeding up the "seven hard fights"

Since this year, Du’an Yao Autonomous County has adhered to the high-quality development of the economic and social development, focusing on "accelerating development, transformation and upgrading, comprehensive improvement", focusing on "seven hard sighs", early deployment, fast implementation, grab time , Grasp the progress, push the work before, before, before, dry before. In the first half of the year, the total production value of the county has increased by mass; the increase in industrial increased value; fixed asset investment growth%; the total retail sales of social consumption increased%; fiscal revenue growth%; urban residents can dominate the growth rate, rural residents per capita Can dominate the income growth%.

Fully lay hard in industrial production.

The county focused on the spirit of the entire district, the three-year action plan of the industrial revitalization, and actively promoted the annual production of Spring Xu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., an annual output of 3 million tons of composite environment, annual production of 4 million tons of architectural aggregate processing, Huixiang Industry and Trade Company A batch of key industrial industries such as 5 million parts of handicrafts, 5 million migration; Australian Han sheep’s new automatic cold chain processing plant and puffed particulate feed processing plant completed production. From January to June, the county completed the industrial investment billion yuan, an increase of increasing value increased by 14%. Fully lay hard in the project. The county conscientiously implemented a three-year action plan for major project construction, implementing a project, a county leader, a set of programs, a set of horses, a one-on-one, "five one" working mechanism, accelerating the construction of major projects.

In 2021, the county was planned to promote 77 major project construction, total investment billion yuan, annual plan to invest 100 million yuan.

From January to June, the accumulated investment billion yuan, accounting for% of the annual planned investment, and completed the "double" target task in the first half of the year. Fully hit the agricultural stabilization and increasing harvest hard. To consolidate the scale of the industry, the scale of the industry is to start, actively promote the construction of agricultural demonstration projects, and promote high quality development of agriculture. In the first half of the year, the added value of the county’s first industrial industry increased by 13%, and the total output value of the agricultural and forestry and animal husbandry increased by 16%.

Create a river pool city "Top Ten Million" Rural Revitalization Industry Request Survival Project "Three Special" Fruit Industrial County Demonstration Bases, Built a longevity · Ecological · Selenium Agricultural Products County-level Demonstration Base, all Allah Oil Tea The Industrial Core Demonstration Zone, Dubi Mao Grape Industrial Core Demonstration Zone is basically completed.

Fully hit the consumption of three production and rapid speed. The county actively organizes the retail sales of the county, catering enterprises participate in the "33 Consumer Festival" "Zhuang March 3 · E-commerce Live Festival" series of consumer promotion activities, carrying out the joint promotion of the "Jihe Pool", "Zhuang March Three "Cultural Tourism Series", "5 · 19" China Tourism Day activities.

In the first half of the year, the county received tens of thousands of people in tourists, growing%; achieving total tourism consumption billion, growth%, good development trend of tourism industries, and continuous recovery of tourism economic comprehensively.

In the first half of the year, the county’s tertiary industry added value increased.

Fully make a good opening and leading to the foreign trade hard.

The county conscientiously implemented the "three enterprises into the public, the transformation of enterprises to help the transformation" action, actively enhance the intensity and quality of service enterprises, and continuously increase the intensity of investment promotion.

Vigorously promote multi-point breakthrough in the county foreign trade enterprises, encourage companies to expand foreign trade import and export. As of the end of June, the county successfully registered 1 foreign-funded enterprise; 12 investment promotion projects were implemented, and the total project investment billion yuan, accumulated in place billion yuan,% of the annual target task. Fully enhanced the strong elements.

The county has implemented the "Inquiry Hook" system, in accordance with the requirements of "Total Control of Total Surplus, Survival, Using Good Increase", and Its Surfactory Efficient ", and increases the living efforts of the county stocks, and in the first half of the discharge of 1800 mu. Implementing the financial financial support policies, increase the credit support of the first loan, credit loans, and coordinate the help enterprises to fight for the "Guihui loan" policy. In the first half of the year, the county was put on "Gui Hui" billion, benefiting 606 market entities, including the industrial billion, accounting for%. Fully hit the insurance of the people’s livelihood.

The county has highlighted consolidation to expand the effective connection of the rural revitalization, and conscientiously implement the "four do not pick" requirements, introduce 2021-2025 "3310" anti-return to the poor and stable results to revitalize the working mechanism, keep the strength to stabilize, funds The investment is not reduced. In the first half of the year, it has been invested in the construction of industrial development, infrastructure construction, and contingent support and other consolidation. In the first half of the year, there were 581 new employment, and the rural labor force added 12,362 people, and there were 10,000 people.

The county participates in the basic endowment insurance personnel of urban and rural residents, the participation rate is 100%; incorporating the urban and rural low deposits, issued a low deposit billion. (Huang Penghuan Photography) (Editor: Li Minjun, Ye Bin) Share let more people see.