Su Bingti encourages Hong Kong youth: find your own positioning and struggle

Su Bingti encourages Hong Kong youth: find your own positioning and struggle

  【Commentary】 The Mainland Olympic athletes visit the vision of Hong Kong at the end of Hong Kong, and it is currently being carpood in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

On the evening of December 12, "Asian Flying" Su Bingtian said in an interview that the trip to Hong Kong is well integrated with the Hong Kong citizens to better show the spirit of the mainland Olympic athletes.

  [Supreme] Su Bingtian (the most impressed) is to participate in the activities of (Fire and Ambulance Academy), because it may be different in 2016, this time, there is a closer interaction, but also give them some sports on the spot. Demonstration, they are also involved.

There is a link behind it is to pull the car.

I think this meaningful thing is to integrate with the people of Hong Kong, and better show the hard work of our athletes, and this feeling is active.

  [Solution] Su Bingtian broke the Asian record in the 9 seconds 83, and the visit to Hong Kong has a lot of "fans".

There are Hong Kong citizens believe that the spirit of the stubborn struggle of Olympic athletes has a common background with the spirit of Lions in Hong Kong.

  [Same period] Su Bingti Lion Mountain is indeed a spirit of struggle in Hong Kong and efforts. I don’t dare to integrate with this spirit, but the athlete is also brave enough to work, regardless of everything, playing his best level.

I hope that our past can be infected with Hong Kong people this time, our athletes are actually playing glory for the country, and it is hard to fight. [Interview] In the interview, Su Bingtian gave a message Hong Kong youth, I hope they can find positioning in the growth process, and struggle. [In the same period] Su Bingti, I think it is to find a sense, sense, sense, honor, frustration, in the growth process. As long as they find this kind of thing, you can quickly identify your goals, why continue to work hard.

  [Explan] For the upcoming visit to the Macau, Su Bing Tim also expressed expectations, I hope to leave a good memory in Macau. [In the same period] Su Bingtian (this visit to the Australia) mainly shows our own hard work, and the spirit of struggle, and just I have seen the date, December 20 is exactly the days of Macao, I hope we hope us This time I can leave a good memory in Macau. The reporter monk Chen Xiaoyuan Zhuhai report.