The big canal shore is a hundred years.

The big canal shore is a hundred years.

China News Cooperative Water November 10th: Great Canal Shore Centennial Cuisine: The "抻" "抻", the heritage "抻" The manual skills representative inheritance people 建 建, in the Dawa River

Speaking of the current life, Yu Jianmin laughs, he does more than 30 years, the life is getting better and better, is a tribute to let himself "抻" get rich. The sole city is adjacent to Dezhou City, Shandong Province, in the West Bank of the ancient Canal, a plain.

The length of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal standing through the Yangcheng County exceeded 75 kilometers.

Longfeng tribute is the specialty of the sole city, mainly in the hometown, the production originated in the Ming Dynasty, for the beginning of the town, and has now produced 500 years of production history. According to reports, there are two kinds of sole spectacles. One is the hollow hollow, because of the uniform and elongated symptoms, it has been known as the court tribute; a flat strip straight, thin Such as paper, called "Feng Tie", and the two will be called "dragon phoenix tribute". According to the Sijun County, the most famous is the "Qi Fuyuan" of the "Qi Fuyuan" opened by Qi Xi Xiu, the soil city of the soil, and the hooded industry is famous, and the merchants entered the capital from the Canal, soon entered the court. Become a food. Since then, the Dragon Phoenix tribute is doubled, and the existence of the drink.

"Start thinking about doing tributs and ordinary noodles as simple, really doing, the degree of trouble is what I didn’t expect.

Doing tribute not only time, but also strictly of the requirements of the weather.

The most difficult thing is that winter, no matter how cold, even ice is snowing and face. "Yu Jianmin said. 建民 介 介 做 做 面面 面先 例例 例, 按, 按 条 条 面And evenly brush sesame oil, put it into the basin.

The rear tray is stripped in the panel. As it is, the strip is hung in the bamboo, and the face is also called the fiber. Continuously with bamboo fiber, put it in the face trough. Finally, it is naturally dried after the face is made of thin strips on the workshop.

Yan Jianmin said that the dragon and phoenix tribute has to go through and faces with finished products, strike, wake up, wind and other 20 traditional crafts, except for the top of the top, and the manufacturing master starts at 3 o’clock in the morning every day. Until until 11 o’clock noon can enter the last gentle process.

"The reason is so hard, in order to allow noodles to enter the drying section during the day, so that there is a beautiful name.

Drying for 12 hours, tribute can’t be dried, dried, it is natural to dry, because the face is in the process of drying, from the outer direction, and the middle creates a gap, which is hollow. "建 民 said.

From the shallots, when this year is over half, he has been dealing with the face.

In June 2008, he was evaluated by the Hebei Provincial Department of Cultural Heritage. Yan Jianmin said that he has always had a dream, which is to make the soil’s tongue tip of the city, and make the dragon and phoenix tribute to internationally, let the world know the dragon and phoenix tributented in the soth.

Today, the Jianmin Longfeng Gong Factory can produce more than 500 kilograms of tribute every day, with annual sales of more than 200 million yuan. Different from other processes are handmade, the tribute to production is often in short supply.

According to the official introduction of the Shengcheng County, at present, there are a large-scale tribute to make a large number of tributes, and the average annual income of 500,000 yuan will drive the local people to get rich. (over).