Report: More than six adults are expected to increase their income to increase consumption expenditure

Report: More than six adults are expected to increase their income to increase consumption expenditure

Original title: Report: More than six adults are expected to increase their income, increase plan, increase the consumption expenditure, China, China, Beijing April 28 (Summer), with the completion of completion of completion, consumption is accelerating picking up. On the 28th, the Lexin Institute released the "Refudent Rehabilitation of Rehabilitation: Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"). The report has been investigated 3,327 young people’s income expectations, spending will, installment, and consumption upgrade "four-dimensional indicators", and the results show that 62% of people expected revenue; 65% will increase expenditure (improved than March 19 percentage points);% people are more willing to consume in installment; more than 30% of people are willing to expand quality service consumption.

  According to the report, some signs have shown that young people have confidence in the future and consumer recovery trend. According to the report analysis, young people are in the stable stage, and the payment of salary is not high. It is not a key population of business payment, and the revenue is also relatively small, and the income is relatively small, which is more optimistic for future income.

  In terms of expenditure, with the situation of the epidemic prevention and control, add a large number of people’s expenditures to the young people in the launch of many of the many stimulating consumption measures. To adjust, the plan proportional to the consumption expenditure, and the number of people plans to increase consumption expenditure accounts for a total of 65%, which has increased by 19 percentage points from March.

  As a "barometer" reflecting consumption confidence, the survey results show that% of the young people are more inclined to installment.

The reason is that there is no need to spend a one-time expenditure, there is no need to reduce the consumption, and there is a balance for savings, which allows them to get enough security when consumption.

  The survey also found that more than one-third of young people increase the focus of consumption upgrades. 5G mobile phone, tidal shoes, sports health and out, the dining is the most expensive, 5G mobile phone will purchase the most, accounting for 33%.

  The report specifically pointed out that after the epidemic, the consumption behavior of young people became more robust.

% People tend to "buy less, buy better",% people think "more career more cautious before purchasing decisions".

From a staging behavior, the postpartum period, 84% of young people will control the monthly income within 30% of the monthly income; 43% will control within 10%; the status is not due to the deterioration of the epidemic, advanced And on time payment accounts for more than 98%. The three most intended consumption of young people is: increasing income, holding promotion, and issuing coupons.

  The government issues a coupon for the discovery market, and the role is very obvious.

% Of the respondent said that after receiving the coupon, consider increasing consumption expenditures, but there are% "unpaid coupons", only% of people have used coupons.

In addition,% of people suggesting consumer coupons can be used in online shopping, and% is hoping for online takeaway.

The promotion of coupons in young people, and potential can be dug.

(End) (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).