There are three new features in the Communist Party of China.

There are three new features in the Communist Party of China.

  The establishment of the Communist Party in China is not accidental. It is not a few people’s ideas. It is not caused by external factors, but many of China’s advanced molecules at the time, is an objective situation to develop into this step, it is Historical will be inevitable.

At the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, there is a new three characteristics from any political parties in Chinese history: First, it is clearly used scientific theory – Marxism to observe and analyze China’s issues. Without Marxism, there is no Chinese Communist Party, this is not much more.

In 1920, after the establishment of the early organization of the Communist Party of China, in addition to the development organization, three things mainly: establishing a socialist Youth League; conduct Marxism propaganda; began to join the workers. At that time, accepted Marxism and was willing to actively participate in the social revolution.

Therefore, Shanghai’s party organization established a strong effort to establish a socialist youth group. Early party organizations were established and the Youth League was established. Several major leaders such as Yu Xiusong, such as Yu Xiusong, etc., are the earliest party members of the Communist Party. In promoting Marxism, "new youth" has gradually become the publication of the party. In 1920, the "Communist Party" was founded and the propaganda party’s claim.

In 1920, Chen Wangdao translated the "Communist Declaration" into Chinese. This is the first Maxist basic book being translated into Chinese. Mr. Chen Wangdao is very familiar, and I have asked him in the early liberation, how can I think of the "Communist Declaration".

He said that by the Marxist influence from Japan, began to come back to do something. There is an important point: a lot of publicity was not only the basic theory of Marxism, but also pay attention to its relationship with China’s realities combine to solve practical problems in China. January 1922, the official newspaper of the Youth League of the "pioneer" wrote in the foreword: "The first task is to try to publication of research objective of the actual situation in China, and a program to obtain the most appropriate solution to China’s problems.

"June 1922, the CPC Central Committee issued a" Communist Party of China stands for the current situation ", underlined the root of China’s internal and external problems warlords, propose solutions to the problems facing China’s only way to" overthrow the warlords only join the democratic war ", criticism three errors on the social idea of the current situation. this idea reflects the Communist Party of China really is "trying to study objectively the situation in China."

In 1922, the party’s second largest raised against imperialism and the feudal warlords of the Program. In the past, Sun Yat-sen led the Revolution to overthrow the Qing government, many people think the revolution done, the fact that "revolution is not successful."

By the early New Culture Movement, progressive intellectuals recognize not only to overthrow the old regime politically, more emancipated from the shackles of old ideas. But the light to get from the ideological and cultural emancipation can not solve China’s problems, so he proposed "transformation of society", a new social ideal.

But only after the establishment of the Communist Party of China, was the first-ever China is now clearly put forward the problem to be solved is against imperialism and feudalism. Since then, advances have a clear goal, and the Chinese revolution of the minimum program and the maximum program clear. Therefore, the Chinese Communist Party with other political parties on the past history of China The first difference is that it has a scientific theory to guide, in front of people across the country for the first time put forward a clear program of China’s problems.

  Second, from the time it was established, it is determined to drill down to account for most of China’s population do mass work in the majority of the working class.

Mr. Chen Wang Tao also talked with me, at that time, the intellectuals want to go deep into the workers’ organizations and advocacy work is not an easy task. He and Identified (Mao Dun) often in the factory after work, when standing at a height of worker speech, but not many people ignore them. Later they explored in practice some new practices to run evening schools for workers inside the factory, to raise awareness of workers, activists found, then engage in workers’ clubs, the workers organize themselves to fight for their own interests, carry out the labor movement.

Then we went to the countryside to carry out the peasant movement. So this party set up on the bottom of society to go to the grassroots masses, especially the workers, peasants go.

This is simply the Communist Party of China is not done in the past, any political party. Now some people raise doubts that the Chinese Communist Party leaders are intellectuals, why call this party is the vanguard of the working class? In fact, determine who is the political representative of the class of which does not depend on his birth or my constituents, but on which he represents the fundamental interests of the class, thinking class which is used to observe and deal with everything around, relying on What power to implement these ideas. Communist Party of China’s successful experience in rural areas surrounding the city, armed seizure of power. But the Communist Party of China was not born in the countryside, but in the city was born. Chinese Communist Party cadres, like Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, are the first in the workers’ movement inside the city, with wide horizons, develop strict organization, only after which go to the countryside, leading farmers to carry out guerrilla struggle. This is a very important.

Without it, farmers can only produce old-style revolution, it is impossible to win, which is thousands of years of Chinese history until the Taiping facts proven.

From the analysis of class, the working class has several characteristics: First, the working class and the combination of modern mass production, which with the landlord, backward mode of production of small farmers are bound to distinguish; the second is highly organized working class , which with small producers, including artisans and farmers in general distinguished, and also the general liberal intellectuals distinguished; the third is the working class laborers, which rely on the exploitation of living with the bourgeoisie, the landlord class phase the difference. Representatives of the Communist Party is the fundamental interests of the class, the future development of mankind in the end, other classes will be eliminated, leaving combined with modern mass production, highly organized, relying on labor living of the working class (including those engaged in physical labor and mental labor).

So, when the leaders of the Communist Party of China to the countryside to lead the peasant movement and guerrilla warfare, their thoughts are thoughts of the working class on behalf of the advanced social productive forces, has great vision and strong organizational force, and for the transformation of peasant consciousness this is the fundamental difference with the old peasant war, but also it will eventually be able to get the key to victory.

  Third, the party built a strong and powerful revolutionary party have common ideals and strict discipline of the advanced elements of the composition, making it the core strength of the revolutionary cause of the leader. When the newly established party, party members very complex, and some representatives always adhere to the revolution, to become party leaders, like Mao Zedong, wu, some sacrifices for the revolution, some from the party of the middle, some became a traitor, like Ch’en Kung-po, Chou Fo-hai, the tao. Later joined the Communist Party, there are some people to join the party on the organization, did not join the party ideologically, even degenerate, but this is not the mainstream. Ebb Tide, finally completed the party really advanced molecular organization of a common ideal and strict discipline.

Not as a core strength, nothing can be impossible to do, it is impossible to drive millions of people to achieve such a common ideal. (The author is former deputy director of the Party Literature Research Center).