There are still millions of people’s talents in the national network and professional graduates.

There are still millions of people’s talents in the national network and professional graduates.

On July 27th, "Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Party · The Network Security Talent Training Summit Forum in Wuhan Lin Airport, Wuhan, China, China, China Network Security Talent and Innovation Base Renaissance Office. The forum surrounds the experience of universities in the network security talents, the experience of social training institutions, etc., is a group of networks and personal information protection and other fields. At present, 45 universities have established an independent network security school, and more than 170 colleges and universities have set up network security related majors. The national network of online security graduates more than 20,000 graduates, compared with only eight thousand graduates in 2016, grow Double.

However, the annual Netan talent gap is still large, the number of gap is 1 million; Netan Talent Cultivation still has a problem that is not close enough with the market.

The head of the National Network Security School of Wuhan University, the head of the National Network Safety School of China University of China, and the university experience and model of online security talents, made exchanges and sharing. At present, there are more than 1,300 students in Wuhan University, have more than 800 people entering the national network security talents and innovative bases. By this fall, the number of settlements will reach more than 1,100 people.

Zhao Bo, a deputy director of the school, said that the training model of the college is based on the innovation training model of national network security needs, interdisciplinary cultivation but highlights technical status, and network offensive and defensive drills pay attention to actual combat.

"We are actively strengthening the school-enterprise cooperation, cooperating by school.

"Zhao Bo introduced, will cooperate through school-enterprises, jointly build courses, joint experimental classes, let students go to corporate internship training; school-enterprise cooperative research, joint laboratory, key project joint development, promote research results transformation Waiting, build the "Network Security College + Innovative Industrial Valley" Talents Training Model. Gao Shunwen, Party Secretary of the Network Space Safety School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, introduced that the college is using the Shuo Experimental class, recruiting the college entrance examination independent enrollment science Tort Changsheng, facing the school Select the innovative student team, vigorously build a comprehensive talent training model with the characteristics of school characteristics, etc., and create a "test area" of education teaching reform.

As a personnel talent specialt, the college teacher title is implemented, the "three orders" policy, namely single list indicators, single standards, separate review, and set up a special construction fund for Netan Talent. At present, "network security special class" has been established, led to establish a national network security talent and innovative base school-enterprise joint, build a school-enterprise cooperating platform, and vigorously promote the production of collaborative education and widely establish an internship training base.

"Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Technology Network Space Safety Academy’s" Students in China "The overall settlement of national network security talents and innovation are the talent training model of academic teaching and enterprise practices.

"The relevant person in charge of the National Network Security Talent and the Innovation Base Office said that there is a shortage of network security talents in my country, and the construction of national network security talents and innovative bases is to build such a platform, let network security. Talents can participate in the actual cases and projects in the process of academic education, and cultivate talents in the "battlefield".

This year, the national network security talents and innovation base training centers are also put into use, and this is the carrier, the "Network Safety Ten Thousand Training Funding Program" has been accumulated more than 5,000 people, and the problem of solving the problem of network security needs urgent problem. Continuation and supplement of academic education.

The "Net Anti-China Walks into Wuhan", carrying out the network of Netan Talent Training Forum, aimed at gathered top experts, scholars, corporate representatives and exchanges in the relevant fields to discuss the advanced model of talents.

"Netan China" is the brand theme activity hosted by the China Network Space Security Association. Since 2017, activities have focused on my country’s network, especially the key issues and major trends in the field of network security, pay attention to network security technology evolution, industry development, talent training, and personal information protection, etc. Together, we will have a wisdom policy for the construction of network strong country. In May of this year, the series is started in Shanghai. (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.