Red Letter in the national identity

Red Letter in the national identity

School History: August 2, 1936 morning, when he was the Northeast People’s Revolutionary Army, Second Regiment of the Third Army political commissar of Zhao Man, was escorted on a Japanese train, to his son, Chen Yin leaves two tuck suicide note. In his testament, Zhao Man, he wrote, "Mother you do not have to educate a thousand words, use the implementation to educate you," she adults want their children quickly, do not forget his mother is sacrificed for the country. Zhao Man a sacrifice, and no suicide note into the hands of children, until 1957, Chen Ye talented people see this revolution in two Letters History Museum, and Zhao Man’s true identity was also solved this year .

Zhao Man formerly known as Li Kuntai, born in 1905 to a wealthy family in Yibin, Sichuan, 21 years old, joined the Chinese Communist Party.

"September 18" Incident, Zhao Man sent by the organization to the northeast of work, before leaving her infant son would still leave.

November 1935, the Japanese army in combat, Zhao Man wounded after troops captured the cover, she experienced unimaginable torture, the last heroic sacrifice, only 31 years old. Wu beginning of the heart: the flames even in March, Letter worth than gold.

Zhao Man of the goodbye letter, although at that time did not spread to the hands of his son Chen Yin tuck, but eventually through the years and let him see smoke, accompanied by his life. Mother of hope, become a code of conduct Chen Yin tuck life.

This two full Yin Yin Aizi heart of the letter, let us also feel tenderness steel frame revolutionaries.

Zhao Man of two Letters, between the lines are full of love for children, and can not accompany children grow regret.

The 19-year-old to join the Communist revolution in children under 3 years of age will also leave it, went to the Northeast Anti-Japanese War, the hearts of sadness, regret can be imagined.

However, at the time of China, precarious, smoke everywhere, like countless Zhao Man, like the Communists, small family homes, for everyone, to join the revolution, nine refuses to regret. Zhao Man regret at "not able to fulfill the responsibility of education" and can not witness his son grow up, so leave a letter, have high hopes for his son: "Mother do not have to teach you a thousand words, use the implementation to educate you .

"I hope kids" Hurry adults, do not forget the mother is sacrificed for the country! "This is the last of the words and deeds of Zhao Man, 31, in the last moments of life, his son carried out.

The love of the parents, it is far away. For children, the best education is the parents’ words and deeds. Although we can not accompany their children grow up, but Zhao Man his own actions, for the children to establish a shining example of the ideals, beliefs deeply rooted in the hearts of children, and condensed into a good family tradition, from generation to generation. Zhao Man son in the revolutionary martyrs memorial write down his mother’s suicide note, and stabbed with a pen in your hand, "Zhao Man" these three words, accompanied by his life. And share handwritten letter, finally reached the hands of Zhao Man’s granddaughter, became her principles. A red letter, is a historical witness. Eventful years in war-torn years, countless communists to ideals and beliefs, bid farewell to their parents, away from their loved ones, to the battlefield. They miss their loved ones will be put to pen and ink, written in a sealed letter full of affection, passion and love Letter. The older generation of revolutionaries and martyrs Letter is left to future generations of priceless spiritual wealth.

Read this part of a letter, feeling tenderness steel frame revolutionaries, their perception of national identity, our heritage inspired red gene, ideals and faith, dedicated force for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.