Ulanmun Village, Ordos City: Party Construction leads to a Zhenxing Road

Ulanmun Village, Ordos City: Party Construction leads to a Zhenxing Road

Neat Village, clean street, beautiful park, the cultural promenade and leisure square, high standard construction kindergarten and primary school … here is Ulan Milun Village, Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Ulan Murandun Village is located in the southeastern part of Erdos, Erkin Hollow, and the total area of ??80 square kilometers in the village, a total of 637 households.

In more than 30 years, with the process of national modernization, this place is located in the frontier and ecological fragile small villages, from poverty to the rich and rich advancement, there has been a change in the earth: the per capita annual income of farmers and herds from 45 yuan to 50,000 Yu Yuan, the village collective economy has incorporated from a blank to annual business income billion, and fixed assets is worth 100 million yuan.

Today, the scenery is beautiful, ecological, livable, civilized, rich, home households lived in villas, and comprehensive well-in-chinens.

In the Golden Autumn Festival, we walked into Ulan Munlun, feeling the village changes, explores the development of "password".

The growth of the collective economy makes the villagers "" The poor hungry stone, the thin water to the south ", the people didn’t eat the head." The 65-year-old branch of the Dynasty was still in the early days of the appointment. Ulan Muraun Village, the ecological environment is poor more than 30 years ago, the vegetation is rare, the farmland is poor, and the per capita cultivated land is less than half acres. The wind blowing yellow sand, the seedlings in spring will give the shackles. It has two or three, and the villagers are suffering and poor, and the life is extremely poverty.

How to do? "Only development is the last word.

In 1982, the Dictionary of the New Selected Village Party Branch The Dynasty began to explore the village two committees.

They first tried to change the traditional agricultural production model, multi-channel to fight for funds, build farmland water conservancy, transform the seven high-eight-high-quality farmland, introduce corn, wheat, high seed seed, encourage farmers plant melon fruits and vegetables .

After a few years, the agricultural foundation is done, and the villagers solve the temperature and full, and some have some savings.

Wen is not awkward.

However, the village collective economic income is still blank. "The village collective is not ‘home’, I want to give villagers to make some public welfare efforts." The Dynasty said that this is a key factor in the restrictions to achieve common prosperity and long-term prosperity. Over time, the cohesiveness and credibility of the grassroots organization will also be damaged.

How to do? "Mining." The Dynasty made a decision with the village team members. Due to the restrictions on funds and technologies, in the end, the village decided to cooperate with Dongcao Ulan Murang Mine, which was responsible for partial, land acquisition, and Dong coal company.

In September 1993, the first coal mine in the village was completed.

In the past, the village took it back for 70 million yuan, and the village collective had a big income for the first time. With a good start, the steps of developing the collective economy in the Ulan Muslun Village have been bigger.

Comprehensive considerations at the time of resource advantages and market demand, the Village Party Branch decided: more than a mine, but also repaired the railway and construction of the renewal station.

After unremitting efforts, in 2000, the village built a 450-meter railway and a coal transportation and installation station of 2 million tons of annual operation capacity. This move has made Ulan Mulan Village more than 8 million yuan in fixed income. In this way, the historical opportunities of the national modernization, and the villagers lead the villagers in the hard-drying.

Gradually growing the village collective economy, solving the employment and income of the villagers, builds kindergartens, primary schools, hospitals, builds parks, cultural squares … villagers, go to school, see a doctor, leisure, and entertainment.

Nowadays, under the leadership of the Village Party Branch, the village has also built a joint-stock reservoir, water purification plant, coal gangue sintered brick factory, established Erdos Red Hosting Industrial Co., Ltd. … The "home" of the village is thicker, villagers The sense of get is more. Innovative grassroots governance puts the people’s heart "" The villagers are rich, grassroots governance and service must also keep up, and the people cannot be scattered.

"In the eyes of the old branch Dynasty, the economic and gratiant hearts are equally important.

The homes of the villagers Wang Xiaoli, in the most prominent position of the bookcase, the honorary certificate is placed: "Civilized Family" "The most clean family" "Five Star Family" … Talking about these honors, Wang Xiaoli is full of pride: "Every family has a good family. There will be many activities every year in the village and the town, we all grab the ‘as advanced’.

"Under the leadership of the Party Committee and Village Party Branch, Ulaan Mulan Village also persisted in rural governance while catching economic development. Constantly improved and improve the rules of procedure, democratic appointments, cadres and village publication systems Wait, in the form of improving mechanism, rich in conjunction with the form of negotiation, strengthening the construction of the village citizenship, for a long time. At the same time, vigorously promote the cultivation of township civilizations, through the first selection of trees, the cultural stage and other means, use the village Things, the people, guide the villagers to promote traditional virtues, cultivate simple people, create a happy life with healthy and upward mental state, and go out of a grassroots governance of autonomous rule of law.

Time is returned to the beginning of this century.

At that time, as the village collective economy became increasingly growing, the issue of interest distribution is getting more and more prominent. The increase or decrease of the population, the land has become the main factor affecting the allocation.

Because how to make a penny, the village will drive from the night to the next morning, things are still something, can not solve. How to do? "Established a villager representative conference.

"After a study, the Village Party Branch made a decision, with a family, residence and blood relationship, and 1 representative of 15 households per five households, once every 3 years.

On behalf of the elected, as long as the representative agrees, everyone will admit that it cannot affect the overall interests because of individual people.

Since 2003, all major events in Ulan Muron Village must be implemented after the village representative conference.

Since then, the village is less than the contradictions generated by the distribution, and many problems are also solved.

This initiative in Ulan Mulan Village is constantly rich and perfect in later practices. It has now been developed into the "four power four system" village treatment model promoted in the area of ??the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Because of the outstanding results of rural governance, the "National Beautiful Leisure Township" "National Beautiful Leisure Township" is also coming.

Bring the party members, party members with the masses. The Wulan Musun Village Party Branch leads the villagers to govern the idea, the problem of contending, the grassroots foundation is more secure, everyone’s heart is closer.

The industry leads development to make the days in Wulang Mun Mun Village with rich natural resources, how to translate resources into industrial advantages, and go out of a sustainable development? Entering the new era, the Wulan Musun Village Party Branch leads the people to open the industry to explore the green development.

"Since ancient success attempts." This is a saying that the Dynasty leading the villagers in more than 30 years.

Now, there is a thick "home" from the superior party organization and its own collective economy. Ulan Murlang Village has more attempts and strength.

In recent years, the Ordos Municipal Committee has carried out the "100 Enterprise Hundred Villages" actions in the city, through the village entry, with the first help of enterprises, the village enterprises, and promote the income of local farmers and herdsmen. Ulan Musun Village relies on the help of the action opportunity, focusing on the development mode, optimizing the industrial structure, joint agreement with the package department and helps enterprises, investing billions of construction "Coal Sea Explorer" industrial tourism project, the project will pass the mine site Renew, showcase the coal mining process in different periods to conduct research tour, science education and tourism.

Currently, the project is undergoing pre-construction.

After completing, powerful radiation will drive the surrounding commercial development, filling the local industrial tourism.

In addition to special tourism, Ulan Murane Village is also exploring the development of environmentally friendly industries around potential resources, using reclaimed area to build a new agricultural facility base, using light resources to build photovoltaic project test bases.

At the same time, more than "introduction", will also "go out", through the project knot, help the surrounding "weak village", achieve complementary resources, share, and make collective economic resources greater performance. "We will explore industry transformations, step by step, step by step, developing, letting the people’s days are getting better." In 2020, due to age, the dynasty no longer served as secretary of the village branch, leading the strong power of Ulan Musun Village Handed over the newly elected party branch secretary Zhang Secondary. Looking forward to the future, the industrial transformation is far away, some new contradictions new problems will appear at any time, but the old branch of the Dynasty and the new support Zhang Erlong believes a common belief: it is difficult to believe that the party is not difficult. ("People’s Weekly" 2021, 2021, 2021) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.