Typical experience in the credit construction demonstration area Shandong Xintai: targeted regulatory interpretation energy

Typical experience in the credit construction demonstration area Shandong Xintai: targeted regulatory interpretation energy

Reading: New Thai City continues to deepen the decentralization, active as, bravely, put "put" put, manage, service "organic combination, gradually construct the information return sharing, based on information publicity as a means, with wisdom supervision Support, the new regulatory system system for credit supervision as the core, the business environment is continuously optimized, and the economic and social development is significantly improved.

In order to further stimulate market vitality and social creativity, we will strive to create a "wide, express, convenience, open" approval service model. Xintai City fully implements the working mechanism of the prior credit commitment, gradually forming market subject autonomous, industry self-discipline, social supervision , Social governance pattern of government supervision. First, clear commitments.

New Thai City specially issued the "Notice of the New Thai City to implement the prove to inform the implementation of the implementation plan", clearly inform the certificate of commitment to the certificate of the commitment system, promote the establishment of the city’s credit commitment system in the city, in the market access Administrative matters, business management, industry association management, credit repair, etc. will sign a credit commitment as an important pre-ranging, and disclose the commitment to the society according to law, effectively promoting the self-contrast of the market, integrity management. The second is to standardize the workflow. Making the "New Thai Market Profit Commitment Inform Commitment Work Procedures", clearly committed the rights and obligations of working procedures, text, service guidelines, and standardize the implementation of the commitment, promise content, verification requirements, credit management and legal responsibility, etc. Credit commitment provides an operation guide. At the same time, in order to optimize the service, innovation and development credit commitment full regulatory system, the commitment is transformed from the traditional "underground" to "online", and the credit main body can realize the electronic signature automatic storage commitment . As of the end of July, through the "credit new Thai" website, the number of credit commitments has reached 80,000, the number of credit commitments in the city and the total number of companies in the city exceed 300%. The third is to strengthen linkage verification supervision.

Relying on credit commitment full regulatory system, establishing a full-closed-closed regulatory mechanism after the second thing, the credit commitment and performance practices are publicized as an important basis for credit supervision, achieving intelligent, automated supervision.

If you don’t need to fill the information, you will automatically assign credit verification to the regulatory authority; If the verification or failure of time is regular, it shall be credited to the credit record, no longer promise and the lack of acceptance and other convenience service measures, and implement differential disciplinary measures until it performs on time. Up to now, through the system verify that the commitment is 10,000 times, send a warning to inform more than 200 times, and the default is recorded and punish more than 80, and the market main body will take the initiative to comply with the credit commitment and create a good credit environment. In recent years, Xintai City has comprehensively strengthened its credit-based new types of regulatory mechanisms to formulate "Accelerating the Construction of Social Credit System Construction and Construction of Credit-based Native Regulatory Mechanism", with credit-based wisdom regulatory model covers the city 30 A regulatory department, 56 subdivision areas, coverage of 100%.

First, strengthen credit information collection. By organizing, extracting the results, and preparing the "New Thai City Public Credit Information Resource Directory", clarify the provision of the "New Thai City Public Credit Information Resource Directory", clarify the provision of credit information, and public sharing methods and Frequency of scope and update, etc., form a public credit information resource directory system.

Develop the completion of the smart public credit information platform, create 245 credit information directories, and build the directory, build a directory knowledge base, currently collecting dual publicity information, corporate social security, taxation, provident fund, water, electricity, gas, storage There are more than 8,000,000 public credit information such as logistics, intellectual property, built a "one number one source", standard norm, effective supervision of information resources, and provide a solid information data support for the city to carry out credit supervision. The second is to implement comprehensive credit evaluation.

In order to more scientifically evaluate corporate credit, relying on "Shandong Provisional Classification Classification Management Measures (Trial)", fully use advanced information technology such as large data, artificial intelligence, and build credit classification supervision systems, and will pay the closing credit information Effectively integrate, build an iterative perfect credit risk classification index system and model to establish an electronic "credit file" for the city’s credit main body, accurately portray the credit status of the market main body, implement comprehensive credit evaluation, and use the credit score automatically Risk, medium risk and high risk level, implement risk pre-judgment warning mechanism, early detection to prevent diarrhea and cross-regional risks, to carry out targeted supervision, precision supervision, differentiation supervision, etc. Realize the transition from "Schwing Network Supervision" to "Precision Supervision" and "Smart Supervision".

The third is the application of strengthening results. Based on the implementation of comprehensive credit evaluation, differentiated regulatory measures based on the market main credit rating, the market entity "not disturbing", inexperienced, and frequently reducing the ratio of the spotting, and reduces normal The impact of production and operation; the "利剑 高 高" in the market, the higher risk of risk, improves the ratio of the spotting and frequency, according to the law, according to law, strict supervision, so that the supervision power "good steel is used in the blade", gradually realization Passive supervision shifts to active supervision, and transforms from the governance to the cure, and afterwards, the supervision efficiency is gradually improved.

The joint reward and punishment is the "cattle nose" of the entire social credit system. Only the power of the "cattle nose" is grasped, and the power of the entire credit supervision can fully appear.

To this end, Xintai City is precise to force and fully build a joint reward and punishment. First, establish a joint rewards and punishment. New Taicheng has been comprehensively combining the 51 joint prizes in 2018, prepared as a list of "new Thai credit joint reward and punishment object list and measures". At the end of 2020, according to the dynamic adjustment of the reform of the institutional adjustment and the list of rights and responsibilities, the "New Thai City Credit Joint Phactus Measures" and "New Thai Public Credit Information List (2021 Edition)", clear the operation of disciplinary measures Guidelines, stipulates 1085 group punishment measures in 2583 applications involved in 41 departments.

Among them: 194 incentives, 891 disciplinary measures. At the same time, it is also established a list of dynamic update mechanisms, depending on the specific business changes in policy orientation and department, real-time update list restrictions, standards and objects.

The second is to innovate awards.

In order to give full play to the power of credit supervision, use a micro service structure, in the government affairs network, the Internet deployed joint reward and punishment, do not develop interface, the credit main body can be credited, and there is real-time, efficient, accurate query and reward and punishment. Realize the automatic push credit information of non-manual intervention, automatically identify the trustworthiness list, the list of the faction, automatically prompting the reward and punishment, and automatically implement the restriction processing, the credit joint reward and punishment of the automatic feedback processing results. Fundamentally solve the problem of informationization differences in various departments and the implementation of the joint reward punishment in the grassroots level, and truly the credit joint prize is penalized one-click and intelligence. Current query has been accumulated, with more than 20,000 people, providing joint incentives for more than 2,000 people, and jointly disciplined more than 60 people. The third is to continuously expand the influence of joint rewards and punishments.

In order to give full play to the typical demonstration and lack of faith warning of joint rewards and punishment, Xintai City has the honorary winners of advanced party organizations, civilized units, three eight red flags at all levels, Class A taxpayers, moral models, labor models, outstanding youth, etc. Entering the letter "Red List", gives an incentive measures such as increase material reward, media publicity and policy support; for major tax illegal, unsolicion, executor, serious quality and illegal, etc. Push to various departments in time and disclose joint disciplinary to the public, and the power of credit supervision is gradually appearing.

Through a series of new credit regulatory measures, in New Thai, whether it is a business or ordinary citizens, it can realize that integrity is around, and effectively feel the "trustworthy road, uninpair inch is difficult", security and satisfaction Implement double increase.

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