The first working day after the holiday, the Chi Nan Tax Branch is full of "starting"!

The first working day after the holiday, the Chi Nan Tax Branch is full of "starting"!

  The National Day holiday is the United States. On October 8th is the first working day after the holiday. In the morning, the reporter saw in the Chi Nan District Government Affairs Hall. Many residents have begun to handle the business.

Among them, the staff of the Chi Nan Tax Branch is the most "bright eye" – is in uniform, full of vitality, and answers questions about the taxpayer who is full of business. It is understood that the Chi Nan Tax Branch has seven tax cadres, including 6 young people under 35 years old, a young team with vigorous, energetic, hardship, and service. Since this year, the Chi Nan Tax Branch has deepened the spirit of the provincial business environmental construction conference. Solidly carrying out the "Year of the Wind", and in-depth promotion of "I do practical things for the masses", actively enhance service awareness, improve service quality, optimize service means Strengthen the construction of the team, improve the comprehensive tax level, promote the "non-contact" tax payment, and strive to do practical things, solve the problem, and do a good job for the masses of the jurisdiction. In the New Development Pattern in Chi Nan District, in the new journey of high-quality development, the Chi Nan Tax Branch takes the initiative to strengthen the service, through the implementation of tax and fee policies, standardize tax law enforcement, strengthen the departmental collaboration, and enhance the company to lightly put confidence, help The Chi Nan District Party Region Government has real-time production and operation of the company, and actively participates in the work of investment promotion, industrial transformation, incentive entrepreneurship.

At the same time, we will go deep into the jurisdiction, actively docking the relevant departments, further enhance tax enterprises, assist enterprises to reduce costs, and divide the company in accordance with the factors such as tax source, and dispatched the cadre package protection, conduct one-on-one, face-to-face tax counseling, Precision Shi Ce is escorted in the development of enterprises in the region.

  In order to better lead the service, the Chi Nan Tax Branch actively strives to create a "Youth Civilization", and the "Youth Civilization" is condensed as a young, united youth, leading the effective form of the youth building, based on the characteristics of the position, to serve taxpayers, Payment people are centered, dedicated, winning, and continuously enhance the energetic and working performance of the team.

  The Chi Nan Tax Branch is an impartial law enforcement, civilized law enforcement, and honest law enforcement, and has established a good image and got the affirmation and praise of the taxpayer. Xie Yinqing, the head of the Chi Nan Tax Branch, said that the Chi Nan Tax Branch will continue to continue to improve the theme of "Youth Civilization", internal strength, and external trees. The Tax Branch has been qualified and continues to help the economic and social quality of Chiba South District.

(Correspondent: Sun Shuangmong Bowen).