The Russian military unit found four NATO reconnaissance machines within a day, approaching Russian officials: NATO played in the Black Sea

The Russian military unit found four NATO reconnaissance machines within a day, approaching Russian officials: NATO played in the Black Sea

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that within a day, the Russian Airlines discovered 4 US and NATO countries in the Russian border. Russian experts believe that the United States lays hit the Russia from the southern Diargonical air defense forces in the Spying Russia in Crimea.

Previously, the US "Whitney Mountain" commander and "Porter" destroyed ship entered the Black Sea, and jointly operated with NATO forces. For the current black sea situation, Russian deputy foreign minister said NATO attempt to test Russia’s strong hardness, Moscow has seen these ideas, and prepare for response. NATO, the Russian Ministry of Defense, is currently in the Black Sea region. According to the Russian "News" report, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that within one day, the Russian air provincial air defense missile force found three US and NATO in the Black Sea. The plane discovered another reconnaissance machine in Ukrainian. All of these flying are tracked by radar tracking of Russian Air Security Air Defense Missile.

According to reports, these four reconnaissance machines were RC-135, U-2 and P-8A, US Air Force, as well as France C-160G. They approximate a number of locations from 30 to 70 km from the Russian border. On November 9, November 9, an E-8C ground target reconnaissance and attack commander in the US Air Force entered the Black Sea flight for more than 5 hours, and the Russian surveillance was monitored.

Shergio, the front of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the United States is now in an unprecedented pressure in Russia.

Warer Gore Branch will consider that Western reconnaissance machines are seriously detecting the Black Sea and Ukrainian territories from the perspective of military perspectives, which no longer have any questions. According to the report, the experts believe that NATO pilot is trying to find the Russian air defense system to find and determine the orientation coordinates of important military facilities. For example, find the running place and operating frequency of the radar station.

At the time of the war, the air defense system was one of the first-attack systems so that NATO’s aviation soldiers were in depth (Russia) territory, according to Russian satellite news agency, 11th, Russian oriental, diplomat, Flagimirzharov The United States is spying Russia’s air defense capabilities in the Crimea region, and everything they do is recorded by Russia’s air defense and defense means.

They are trying to act in the future from the southern part of the Black Sea to launch attacks in Russia. The US "Whitney Mountain" commander and "Porter" destroyer have come to the Black Sea, and joint action with NATO forces. The Russian Ambassador Avoli Antonov said that the actions of NATO in the Black Sea were wasting time and effort in white.

Russia’s deputy director of Riabs, said Russia is worried about the US and NATO (recent).

With the NATO incident in the Black Sea, the risk of conflict has improved.

Riabrkov stressed that NATO is playing in the Black Sea, which is in an attempt to test the strong hardness of Russia. He said that Russia’s defense ability is reliable, Moscow has seen these ideas and is ready to respond.