The 14th National Games, presents a new highlight of Shanxi Sports

The 14th National Games, presents a new highlight of Shanxi Sports

  Original title: Fourteen Yun, presenting the core of Shanxi Sports New Highlight Tip on September 27, the 14th National Games came to an end in Xi’an. Shanxi University got 10 gold medals, 10 silver medals, 21 bronze medals at this National Games. Among them, the competitive project won 7 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 16 bronze medals (including 1 gold medal, 3 bronze medals), and the masses have harvested 3 gold medals, 1 silver brand and 5 bronze medals. From September 15th to 27th, the Tour of the 12-day National Games, the sports athletes left too much to be worth the trick. On the podium, trampoline, shooting and other advantageous projects, the gifted cards, the naturalization team, Zheng Na, unlimited scenery; outside the god, the fitness Daren and the "Student Army" parallel, writing Shanxi Sports New History … Mass Sports … More and more fire in the event is a highlight of Shanxi Sports at the National Games.

  From the 13th National Games, the masses of sports events have become a formal competition for the National Games. The National Games set up 19 big competitions, including 15 game items and 4 exhibitions. Under the guidance of the spirit of the "National Games" spirit, our province team participated in all 19 big competitions, and the number of participating small items was 134.

The number of direct participating people in the provincial selection reached more than 2,800 people, and the selection competitions carried out in each city also attracted nearly 30,000 people. This series of numbers marks the National Games in Shanxi Sports, no longer a single pursuit of competitive results, but extensively attracting the participation of the whole people. Among them, there is a break dance, a roller slip and other popular fashion, and there are traditional projects such as Go, Dragon Boat, as well as the favorite of the square dance, radio gynding and other fitness people. There are also many major leaders, such as Su Chen, gain a gold medal, Wang Di, won the Chinese style wrestling champion.

  The integration of sports teaches breaks through the National National Games, the Women’s volleyball and the men’s football team, and it is shouting. In the case of the Shanxi Sports Vocational College team, our province has established a football team to participate in this recent National Games, and the first time in history.

In 2018, the Shanxi Provincial Rugby Association was established, which started to promote the project in the province’s primary and secondary schools. He has made a lot from the 29th school, Fenghuang Bilingual School, Jinzhong New World, Bilingual School and Xiaoyi Experimental Middle School. Fresh power.

  Founded in 2007, Taiyuan Third Experimental Middle School Women’s Volleyball Unit, the National Games representative of the U19 women’s volleyball team, and eventually won the seventh good grades. Prior to this, there was no survival in China, which was able to rank among the final stage of the National Games, with professional athletes.

Since the 5th National Games in 1983, the volleyball in Shanxi has not entered the finals of the National Games in nearly 40 years. "I hope that all parties will work hard to form the Shanxi women’s volleyball and the Shandi Youth Women’s Row.

"U19 female royal coach Wang Hai is said. Naturalization team members create a first-rate in the first-rate of the Shanxi delegation in this event. The governor of the Shanxi is superior. champion.

Outside the game, she was born in Canada, the story of joining Chinese nationality, fascinating.

Of course, her champion grandmother Zheng Fengrong and her grandfather are similar, and they are also people. In 2017, Tianjin National Games issued a call for "Global Chinese people to play a tourism", and Zheng Na Li first responded. In 2018, Zheng Na Li submitted an application to International Federation and applying for joining Chinese nationality.

Three years later, she received the qualifications representing China.

  At some of some competitive sports, the naturalization athlete can bring both mature training systems and enhance the recognition of the project in ordinary people.

What’s more worth paying is that when the athletes get a score, they will inspire a unique national emotion.

  On behalf of the Shanxi team, Zheng Na Li said: "This time I really feel that I am Chinese." Competitive sports future can be competitive sports projects, and the province has obtained 7 gold medals, every champion’s story can be said " Magic".

  The 21-year-old shooting team, Miao Yu Ru, eliminated a member of the Olympic national team, won the women’s 50m-step guns, and she played the ring in the finals, and even surpass the world record.

  Men’s 800m finals, Li Junlin finally fidel "fish jump", dramatically won the superior advantage. After the end of the end, Li Junlin turned over the ground.

"Nothing, wipe the nipple." Li Junlin said, "The future hope to represent the national team and board the Asian collar.

"In addition to the champion of the highest podium, many new salics in our province also have excellent extensions. In the 67 kg finals, the 20-year-old Wang Zhong won a silver medal. In the game, Wang Zhong broke the national youth functions. Seize records and total recordings.

  Wrestling, Wu Yanyu defeated the defending champion; archery venue, a group of teenagers from 17 to 20 to provoke the men’s team beams; in the pool, Liu Yizhen finally reversed, won a bronze medal. On the four-year national highest competitive stage, Shanxi Sports never lacks surprises.

(Reporter Yang Hull).