Sushan Government Center: "Learning Cape" enhances service level

Sushan Government Center: "Learning Cape" enhances service level

At 8:30 am November, the Doshishan County Government Service Center meeting room, ten staff members are tense answering, and the test paper involves all aspects of government services. At this point, there is still half an hour from work hours. "What materials do the masses to apply for health certificates?" "" The original or valid temporary ID card is required, 2 one inch single recent half-length photo and complete physical examination table containing personal basic information.

"Taking the gap, the deputy director of the Shanshan County Government Service Center is a temporary spot check for business knowledge. Everyone raised his hand, you have added it, and the atmosphere is very active." There is still 5 minutes to go to work, everyone Go back to the post ready … "Wen Haun Kun received a test paper, looked at the table, 8:55. At this time, there are people in the government service center to start queuing numbers, ending the learning staff quickly travels to the service window, open One day work. At the Disshandan County Government Service Center, the "Learning Corner" in the first half of the work is used to study business, has become a normal state.

With the window, the cross-provincial-in-provincial reform is continuously in-depth, and the window staff is getting higher and higher.

The center develops a normalized business learning improvement plan, carefully combing window service business knowledge, and forms "personal self-study concentration acceptance" normal learning model, half an hour before going to work, everyone concentrates, and continues to enhance service level. The Service Center does not regularly perform a spot check, inspect staff’s strain capacity and efficiency of staff.

"Wen Haun said, the next step, the Government Service Center will continue to explore the" learning role "role, build it into a strong business, and create an important carrier in the employee, create a good atmosphere, to optimize the mountain camp Commercial environment contributory power. (Guizhou Daily Tian Eye Journalist Mo Yu) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.