Serious party political life purification party political ecology

Serious party political life purification party political ecology

Original title: serious party’s political life purification party political life within the party’s political life, healthy clean party political ecology The advancement of the advanced nature, improve the important conditions of the party’s creative cohesiveness fighting power, is a strong guarantee for the party group to complete the historical mission, which is the distinctive sign of our party different from other non-Maxist political parties. Under the new situation, strengthen and standardize the political life within the party, to enhance the political, era, principled, and combatability of political life within the party. Constantly enhance the political party of the party’s political life is the main platform for party members and party members to conduct party sexual exercise.

As a Marxist party, our party must make politics.

  It is necessary to keep politics to adhere to the right political direction, adhere to the party’s leadership, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the party, unswervingly maintain highly consistent with the party’s central party of Xi Jinping as the core, loyal to the party, and adhere to the party’s basic theory, basic route , Basic program, basic experience, basic requirements, strengthen political awareness, enhance political cultivation, enhance political learning ability, perform political responsibility, enhance the consciousness, and do political understanding. The majority of party members should strengthen their communist ideals and socialist socialism. Whether there is any change in the times, the conditions change, always maintain the spirit of the Communists, and make Marxism theory as a compulsory course, seriously study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" Important Thought, Scientific Development View, and Seriously Study Xi Xi Ping’s General Secretary Series Important Speech, Seriously Studying Party Constitution, and continuously improve Marxist ideas and theory.

  Continuously enhance the era of political life within the party, in the face of the changes in the times, our party must stand in an unbeaten place, must continue to seriously serious the party’s political life, always highlight the characteristics of the times. Enhance the nature of the party’s political life, you must focus on the new characteristics of the new changes in the national conditions of the world, combined with the top of the Times of the Party and the real demand for the party and party members, and give full play to reform and innovation. Spirit, continuous expansion and deepening in terms of content form, means, system regulations, and solve new problems for new situations.

In the face of the profound impact of reform and opening up and socialist market economy and the times of the party members’ team’s own changes, the party’s political life should enhance targeted, guide party members and cadres, consciously according to party constitutions and guidelines, to strengthen their ideological and political construction Place the first place, find the countermeasures, the prescription drug. The party’s political life should be based on the characteristics of the times, highlight problems, and continuously improve the way, combining organizational life and work and party members, and explore new organizational activities, and enhances four major forms of organization activities. Test, four dangerous ability.

  Continuously enhance the principle of political life within the party, all party comrades must consciously adhere to the leadership of the party, the conscious station is on the party and the people’s position, and the party is loyal to the party, the party is concerned, for the party, for the party, in the party The principle of the internal government life, with the bottom line. Enhance the principle of political life within the party, on the one hand, we must constantly improve the cage of the party within the party constituency as the core.

Once the system is formed, it is necessary to strictly abide by, adhere to everyone’s equality in front of the system, there is no exception to the implementation system, resolutely maintain the seriousness of the system, and resolutely correct the various behaviors that do not do, there is no ban, so that the system really becomes a party member Cadres contact and serve the hard constraints of the masses. On the other hand, it is necessary to conscientiously study the "Several Guidelines on the Party ‘s Political Life in the New Situation", implement the political living standards within the party, to grasp, grasp, grasp, overcome the incorrectization and "a wind" problem, Under the usual, integrated the requirements into daily, long for a long time, helping party members cleaning their ideological dust, remove bad habits, correcting mistakes, and truly falling the tasks of serious party political life, achieving effectiveness.

  Constantly enhanced the combat discipline of political life within the party is an important guarantee for the unified will, unified actions, and walk in the party. It is an important part of the party’s political life; criticism and self-criticism is our party strong treatment, maintaining body health The sharp weapon is also an important means of strengthening and regulating political life within the party.

  Enhance the combatability of political life within the party, bringing the party’s discipline in front, with iron discipline, party members and cadres should strengthen the study "China Communist Party ‘s Disciplined Disposal Regulations" "China Communist Party Accountability Regulations, "Regulations on the Supervision of the Communist Party of China", etc. Persist on criticism and self-criticism, seeking truth from facts, talking about party spirit, talking about the truth, not talking, adhere to "Unity – Criticism – Unity", fully use the criticism and self-criticism, use it, make criticism and self-criticism become A habit, a conscious, a responsibility, helping the majority of party members to distinguish between unity, identify true and false, adhere to truth, correct mistakes, unified will, improve unity, conscious understanding of the overall situation, obey the overall situation, maintain the overall situation, will implement the implementation to achieve " Two a hundred years of struggle and the great practice of the Chinese nation’s great revival of the Chinese dream. The party’s management party must strictly strictly manage the party from the party’s internal political life from the party.

Enhance the political, era, principled, combatability of political life within the party, which is conducive to continuously enhance the party’s vitality and vitality, seriously in the party’s political life, purifying the party’s political ecology, in order to take our generation The road provides an important guarantee.

  (Author: China Renmin University Marxism) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).