The new employment of the troops in the first three quarters has increased 71,500

The new employment of the troops in the first three quarters has increased 71,500

  The Corps Daily Urumqi (full media reporter Xu Wei) November 5th, the five division Shuanghe City held a special job fair for the Normal University, which was one of the specific initiatives of the teacher and the city.

  This year, the Ministry of Corps continued to implement employment entrepreneurship support policies, and fully guarantee the employment of key groups and continuously improve service capabilities to ensure that employment situation continues to maintain stability.

In the first three quarters, the cumulative urban cumulative new employment was 10,000. The Corps continued to implement the reduction of the reduction and stability of the employment policy. According to the employment situation, it has been introduced to promote the high-quality development guidance of employment. The implementation of the implementation of the implementation of the decline and the expansion of employment policies, further improve the stable employment policy system; increase the regular schedule work mechanism Implementation, instructing the teachers and cities to adopt enterprises to promote, simplify the procedures for the approval of Hui En-enterprises policy funds to ensure that the suppliers and enterprises have implemented the policies of the suppliers. Up to now, the financial cumulative payment of the Corps will pay the employment subsidy fund billion, which has increased year-on-year.

  This year, the Corps issued the work program on further encouragement and supporting the employment of Shihezi University and Tarim University in the employment of the Corps. " As of the end of September, the employment of the 8 college graduates in the Corps reached the rate; actively developed employment trainees, organized 149 householders to receive college graduates; organize employment assistance month activities, implement employment difficult personnel one-on-one Help and Zero Employment Family 24-hour dynamic clear working mechanism, helping 7990 employment difficult personnel employment.

  In terms of improving employment entrepreneurial service capabilities, the Corps upgraded and improved the public employment service platform of the Corps, and the basic implementation of the unemployment registration, employment subsidies, etc. Real-time sharing; continue to carry out public employment services, launch employment assistance month, spring breeze action, private enterprise recruitment month, 100 million network recruitment, etc. Since this year, 403 job fairs have been accounted for, and 17669 people are achieved.