Take "Letter" to promote "treatment" Tianjin Beichen District to help promote the municipal governance in honesty

Take "Letter" to promote "treatment" Tianjin Beichen District to help promote the municipal governance in honesty

Tianjin Beichen District puts the construction of integrity system, to create a honest environment as a major need of social governance, from strengthening supervision and social synergies, improve the incentive constraint mechanism, enhance the integrity and value consensus, promoting the social integrity culture, let the trustworthy, uninform and punish Essay, play the tangible power of integrity construction to help build the market.

First, we will create a credit platform to achieve credit information sharing.

Give full play to the government’s organization, guidance, promotion and demonstration role, encourage the mobilization of social forces to participate, and jointly promote the formation of "rule". Developed the "Credit Beichen" platform, becoming the district-level credit platform of the six official online operation of the city, creating the total window of the district credit information to go upload, publicize sharing, credit application, credit propaganda, credit repair and objection to the total window, total Hub, with the "credit Tianjin" platform to achieve interconnection.

As of now, there are more than 260,000 credit information such as various market entities, legal agencies, social organizations, and natural persons, "double publicity" data, more than 10,000 credit commitments, platform browsing exceeded 10 10,000 times, the role in economic and social life is constantly high.

The second is to improve the credit supervision mechanism to enhance the level of government service. Call the entrance of the supervisory function, improve the uninterection joint disciplinary mechanism, and strictly prevent and strive to resolve credit risk. Exploring the establishment of credit grading classification supervision mechanisms in key industries such as tourism, tax payment, medical insurance, credit service institutions, punishment and deducting and eliminating faith behavior through credit supervision, audit and law enforcement, and incorporate credit behavior into the rule of law system to standardize operation, efforts Construct a new means of administrative management based on credit, new mode. Since this year, it has strictly implemented the "letter of credit", "blackliscation", "blacklist" management, credit report application, etc., reducing administrative supervision costs and enhancing the level of government service. Beichen District A-class taxpayers and customs senior certified enterprises accounted for a proportion of corporate enterprises, higher than the average level.

The third is to strengthen the synthesis of the faith, broaden the credit repair channels. Many departments of various towns, development zones, courts, taxation, market supervision, etc., have organized a special governance of serious illegal and unsocvisions.

Adhere to the problem-oriented, integrated policy, while disciplinating the faction, continuous communication repair channels, enriches credit repair methods. Through interview, credit commitment, credit publicity, integrity education, etc., accelerate the negative letter of the letter of sin, to reduce the loss loss afterwards, the application extension, autonomous interpretation, etc., to carry out volunteer services, charity, and donation, Develop public welfare undertakings to find exports, encourage guidance enterprises to reshape image and repair credit. since this year. The accumulated completion of 16 "repeatedly banned, repeated penalty did not change" severely lost trust main governance, guiding 563 companies to complete credit repair, credit repair rate reached 100%, no effective credit objection. The fourth is to pay attention to integrity and education, and enhance the effectiveness of Huimin. The construction of the integrity culture is in high-out position, formulating the "Tianjin Social Credit Ordinance" propaganda program to cultivate and practice socialist core values, through "credit Beichen", integrity literary works, public service advertisements, etc., etc. Combined with the Spring Festival, International Consumer Rights Day, National Day, National Constitutional Day and other important time nodes and legal holidays, centralized publicity of credit policy regulations, credit knowledge and typical cases, strengthen integrity education guidance, pay attention to practical development, and create a "trust" society Atmosphere.

The accumulation of all kinds of integrity promotion activities, compiling work briefings, and expands "credit + travel" "credit + shopping" "Xinyi Park" and other credit Huimin’s convenient application scenarios, honesty and trustworthiness and Value pursuit is a common style in society.

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