Strive to make a good teacher of Huang Dynasty (China Road Chinese Dream)

Strive to make a good teacher of Huang Dynasty (China Road Chinese Dream)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when he reputation from the Chinese university Huang Dynasty Teacher Team Represents: "Good teachers must learn as a teacher, the behavior of the world" "The leader of the students." This is a kind care and clear request for educators. Do not live up to the expectations of the party and the people, stand up to "the foundation of the Rise, the source of education", we have to fight for the ideal beliefs, have moral sentiments, have a good teacher, have a good teacher with benevolence, and bear the soul of shaping. Shape life and shaping the era of newcomers. "A person encountered a good teacher is the luck of life, a school has a good teacher is the glory of the school." Educational is related to the development of the country and is related to the future. At present, there is a deep change in domestic and foreign environment, bringing a new opportunity to challenge, the demand for education, the more urgent needs of scientific knowledge and outstanding talents, and the status and role of teachers are more prominent.

The charm of education is in charge, more educated. The pass can be said, and the educated people must infiltrate, which puts higher standards and requirements for the mind, character, and sentiment of teachers.

  In order to cultivate more socialist builders and successors in more de-knowledge, good teachers must have national and nations in their hearts, and shoulder national mission and social responsibility. Second, a good teacher should be a model of study, exercise, life, and education with moral education, derealism, and morality.

Good teachers must also be Renshi, Gan Mang, Gangtang Pavilion. Create a teacher’s morality, exquisite, structure and dynamic teacher team, to emphasize the ability of teachers to spread knowledge, thinking, truth, but also highlight their role of Lidan people who guide students’ healthy growth. The country will be prosperous, and you will be a member. Take advantage of the past, China’s good teachers are not enumerated.

A new era made a new era of the Huang Dynasty, is an example of educator learning. As the country’s first group of office parks, Beijing Tomorrow’s childish group always remember the fundamental task of Lidshu people, and always horing the vivid banner of "being a party’s education, for the national training."

We encourage and guide teachers to fight for "Heart, I have a big year, to the sincere country, teaching and educating people, dare to be a first, indifferent, willing to dedicate". Pre-education is the beginning of life learning, is an important part of the national education system, is an important social welfare undertakings.

Do a good job in school education, realize young people, is a major people’s livelihood project to do practical things for the people, and related to the healthy growth of hundreds of millions of children, involving thousands of households.

The groundbreaking project involving the people’s life development is well, and the pre-school education workers should be based on the needs of young children. They use more strict standards to require themselves, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, to join the education, and truly For the matter, it is unified to create knowledge innovations and methods, and when the leader of students grow, polish the "People’s Teacher" with the actual action.

  Today, there is no cause of career, like education, even decided to renew national rejuvenation. In the future, we will continue to use excellent educators such as Comrade Huang Dynasty as an example, integrate the love of patriotism, and the great cause of the news of the country, start from ourselves, start from their own position, keep in mind that party education, For the national talent mission, continuously improve the educational skills, the preschool education of the party and the people, and strive to be a good teacher with satisfaction with the party and the people. (The author is the party secretary of the Beijing Tomorrow Childish Group Party, the generals) (Editor: Bai Yu, Zhao Xinyue) Share more people to see.