The people’s financial assessment is full of industrial economy, and there is a basic confidence.

The people’s financial assessment is full of industrial economy, and there is a basic confidence.

Increase industrial project reserves and build, promote new production capacity projects to build as soon as possible, and achieve production of production … The recent initiatives of all parts will be connected to two three, and the industrial has continuously increased industrial. Recently, the national indiration of the National Industrial Economic Economic Economic Economy was fully stabilized, and the centralized development of the industrial economy was fully stabilized.

The industry is the foundation of the country, and the manufacturing industry is the system of national economic lifeline.

As the main body and core growth engine of the national economy, the industrial is stable.

In the fourth quarter, it is not only a "sprint period" of the annual economic growth target, and it is also a "joint point" that is smoothly transitioned in the first quarter of next year. Cooperating the industrial economy in the fourth quarter of this year, in order to better consolidate the foundation of "steady", savings "into" power, hold the bottom line of "guarantee" to ensure a smooth connection, so that the main economic indicators are running in a reasonable range. The scientific analysis situation, grasp the development and majorgest, to seek strength, we must move.

Since this year, in the face of severe and complicated domestic and international economic situation, all localities have solidly do a good job in "six stable" "six guarantees" work, and the industrial economy maintains recovery.

In the first three quarters, the national increase in industrial added value increased year-on-year, and industrial enterprises above the scale achieved total profits increased year-on-year, and all the industrial added value of 31 provinces were achieved, and the economic operation laid a solid foundation.

At the same time, it should also be seen that the current steady growth is still facing pressure. The price of raw materials has risen, the industrial chain supply chain and international logistics are not smooth, and the supply of factors is tight, and the industrial enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and become a stable effect. Rock the problem of industrial economy needs to be solved.

To "short board", the strong chain finger chain is a breakthrough. At present, the global industry chain supply chain is still unstable, some imported products can not buy, arrive in slow, bringing large pressure to the enterprise production and operation. It is necessary to deenely aim at the production pain point, strengthen the coordination of upstream and downstream enterprises, and promote the optimization of the whole industry chain to make up the chain, fill the blank, and master the responsibility of the bargain.

It should be seen that the quality of the domestic raw materials, parts and equipment is limited, and the supply of high-end consumer goods is still difficult to match consumption upgrade, support and encourage effective demand for industrial sectors, promote manufacturing vegetaries, quality, and brands. Cultivate new growth points. To "reduce the burden", mitigate the burden of the enterprise is powerful. Affected by factors such as global epidemic spread and price increases, some sub-small enterprise cost burden is enhanced.

Increase the strength of the benefits, strengthen the benefits of the benefit of the enterprise, can help the enterprises to lightly, and truly protect the market subject. Recently, the State Council’s executive meeting decided to implement the implementation of small and medium-sized tax reducing measures in manufacturing small and medium-sized micro enterprises, all relevant departments have also strengthened resource elements to ensure key components, stabilize commodity prices, and strengthen fiscal and taxable financial policy support. A batch of policy measures were issued.

The implementation of various policies should continue to ensure that the market entities are really affordable, and the issue of "rush to expectations" as the project is to promote industrial steady growth. First step, see the new weather.

Year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", my country’s economy has maintained a stable recovery situation, enters the new development stage, implement new development concepts, build new development patterns, must stabilize the industrial economy, put the high-quality development of manufacturing industry s position. This requires us to continue to strengthen the chain, strengthen the supply of elements, reduce the burden of the enterprise, and optimize the business environment, thereby better stimulating market subjectivity.

All parties have to make it, and stride towards Yangguan Avenue to the Manufacturing Strong Country.

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