The spirit of learning "July 1" is struggling to promote the development of Fujian Judicial Administrative Reform

The spirit of learning "July 1" is struggling to promote the development of Fujian Judicial Administrative Reform

Reporter: After learning the important speech "July 1", what do you understand?邬 勇 雷: Through the recent study, I deeply realize that our party has been in a hundred years, still rejuvenating the student and vitality, the key is that it has a series of excellent products: First, pursue truth, be brave in innovation. Our party always uses this scientific theory of Marxism as its own actions, and insists on constantly enriching and developing Marxism in practice, continuously promoting Marxism China’s Times, using Marxism to observe the times, grasp the era, lead the era, use Marxist Theory Solving China Development Problems. The second is to stay in the heart, the people are supreme. Our party always represents the fundamental interests of the most broad masses, with the people, life and death, practice the people-oriented thinking, there is no special interest, never represent any interest group, any power group, any privilege Interests.

The third is dare to fight and dare to win. Our party is born in the internal affair, growing in the hardship and tempering, in the hard work, a hundred years of history, all the way to struggle, coordinate the great rejuvenation strategy of the Chinese nation and the world’s 100-year-old, always adhere to the spirit of struggle We will overcome all risk challenges.

The fourth is the self-revolution, self-improvement.

Our party has always adhered to the party to manage the party, and we will continue to promote the party’s new great project. The party does not become metastuctive, not discolored, not taste. Reporter: Fujian is the cradle of the Republic’s legal system, please briefly introduce the situation of Fujian inheritance and innovative red rule.邬 勇 雷: Fujian has a rich red resource, early in the Xiqi District, the Communists represented by Mao Zedong Comrade, in actively exploring the red rule of law, casting the red square soul. In recent years, we have planted red genes and solidly promoted the construction of rule of law.

One is to explore the cultural resources of the red rule of law and gradually form the development trend of linkage integration of Longyan, Sanming and other red rule of law culture and Nanping, Ningde, Zhangzhou and other regions.

Second, it is necessary to create a red rule of law culture position. He successively built Longyan Shanghang "Republic Legal Crack Exhibition Hall", Ninghua Lake Village "Central Soviet Union Family Exhibition Hall" and many other red rule of law brand position, carry forward the spirit of rule of law, spread the rule of law. The third is to actively develop specialized rule of law propaganda projects, guiding support to integrate the rule of law elements into red history and local culture, give new era connotations, show new vitality.

Next, we will further strengthen the overall planning of the red rule of law culture, innovate the promotion carrier platform, promote the management of positions in the position, and promote the road of red rule of law and the road to benownected, and help a higher level of rule of law.

Reporter: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the "July 1" important speech, Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, defending Jiangshan, is a people’s heart. In this, how do you understand? Yong Yong Lei: The people are the creators of history, which determines the fundamental power of the party and the country’s future.

Adhere to the people-oriented fundamental view of the historical material of Marxism, is an inevitable requirement for our party ‘s nature and the deep summary of governance. The judicial administration work is closely related to the people.

We will clarify the biggest politics of the people, wholeheartedly practice judicial principle, in accordance with the "two fast two" target requirements, solidly promote public legal service system to build this people’s heart project, people’s livelihood project, and constantly enhance the people’s sense of winning, Happiness and security. First, deepen the integration of legal service platforms. Integrate 86 municipal (counties, districts) legal service centers, 1105 township (street) legal service stations, Wan Village (community) legal service point, and Fujian French Net, "12348" legal service hotline and other "three platforms" The advantage of resources, promoting legal service agencies and personnel "should be resident" and facilitate the masses.

The second is to optimize legal service products supply. In the control of public legal services in our province in 2020-22, the public legal services were implemented, and the public legal services were also equivalent, implementing some notarization matters "provinces", "cross-provincial handling", and promoted the establishment of public hospitals in county-level population. Judicial appraisal agencies such as forensic, disabled, improve legal aid, apply for "domain", and better meet the needs of mass needs. The third is to strengthen the supervision of legal service industry.

Strengthen administrative penalties and industry punishment linkage collaboration, improve service quality assessment supervision, coordination with public inspection laws to establish single-level, one-on-one, timely information interoperability, strengthen lawyers, notarized, judicial identification team supervision, enhance legal service credibility and general masses satisfaction .

Reporter: What do you think of the judicial administration can better implement the overall national security concept?邬 勇 雷: The judicial administrative organ undertakes important responsibilities such as prisons, drug rehabilitation, community corrections, resettlement, people’s mediation, and is an important force to maintain national security and social stability. We will continue to implement overall national security concepts with deep sense of worries and strong sense of responsibility. First, we will safely safeguard national political security.

Strengthen the political transformation of criminals, prevent the risks of resolve legislation, and do a good job in education management of lawyers. Strict implementation of ideological responsibility.

The second is to fully ensure the safety and stability of the supervision.

Adhere to the "Supervision + Education Reconstruction", strictly implement the direct management of the police, do the individual education of detoxification personnel, cautious, and pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control. The third is to fully investigate and resolve social contradictions.

Adhere to the new era "Fengqiao experience", improve the people’s mediation, administrative mediation, judicial mediation mechanism, strengthen contradiction dispute diversity, strive to achieve "small things do not leave village, big events, contradictions, do not pay".

The fourth is to do a good job of key crowd management.

To do the community correction and placement of help, strengthen patients with severe mental disorders, the supervision of key populations such as wandering and beggars, and help higher levels of peaceful Fujian construction. Reporter: How does Fujian play an advantage, inheriting the spirit of promoting the great borders?邬 勇 雷: One hundred years ago, the pioneers of the Communist Party of China have created the Chinese Communist Party. It has formed the truth, stick to the ideals, practice the initial heart, the mission, not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle, loyalty to the party, and the people of the party, This is the source of the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party. Fujian is the revolutionary old area, the party history has more, the red resources, the revolutionary ancestors, the spirit of the Gutian Conference, the spirit of the Si Xi Township, the spirit of the Soviet area, the spirit of the Valley, the spirit of Gu Wenchang, the important content of the Communists, inherit The great foundation is a unique foundation and condition. We will consciously delegate the spirit of the Table 32, and play the unique advantages of Fujian red resources. Adhere to the party must manage the party, and comprehensively guide the party, adhere to the ideological and political, quality, discipline style forging, education to guide the majority of party members and police to promote The glorious tradition, the red blood, inheriting the great foundation party, and carry forward the light. First, in depth, we will carry out the education of party history education and the judicial administrative team education, including the spirit of the great website into important content, and continuously enhance the targeted and effectiveness of learning education.

The second is to adhere to the "first question must politically" normalized learning system, with a good red resource, and carry out the total police and political circulation of the hierarchical classification, strengthen the quenching, political experience, and practice exercise. The third is to deepen the "one learn three more" training competitions and normalization work, learn new ideas, better political quality, compare performance, comparable to discipline style, comprehensive improvement team political quality, rule of law thinking, professionalism and professionalism.

The fourth is to continue to practice the "First-line Working Law". The annual staging batch organizational organs all the police officers deep into the grassroots judicial office and the brigade, deep into the red education practice base, touch the truth, transfer the style. (Editor: Fang Shuqin, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.