The sea is coming to "life ark"

The sea is coming to "life ark"

Joint search and rescue, transshipment "wounded", first-line treatment … Recently, the Navy’s Qi Shu Dynasty in the southern army organized "Friends" medical boat, and brother unit ships in the South China Sea in a sea area in a sea of ??sea collaborative medical ambulance training. This training is close to the actual combat, to treat burn, fracture, and through the wounded wounded by sea war wars, while constructing a variety of special affairs, dangerous tempering forces emergency energy.

On the way, the medical boat suddenly received the anti-nuclear arms alert, and the officers and men quickly shut down ventilation and wear a personal protective equipment; the anti-chemicals immediately rushed to the suspected contamination area for radiation monitoring. After arriving in the booking of the sea, the medical boat and the brothers ships are in the joint search and rescue formation, nervously put the search and rescue operation. The officers and men strengthened the observation of the sea, not letting any suspicious goals.

After they rescued two "wounded", they immediately sent them to the medical boat.

After the injury check, after washing monitoring, "wounded" was transferred to the medical area for treatment. Focus on actual combat and strengthen the same. According to reports, the maritime medical ambulance training refines the process of emergency transfer, first-line treatment, medical care, and emergency post-delivery, and launch a solid foundation for the improvement of marine Weiqin security. Figure 1: Medical ship to scheduled sea area. Figure 2: Salarbo attack to launch a sea search and rescue.

Figure 3: Anti-chemicals perform radiation monitoring.

Figure 4: Emergency treatment "wounded".