The first case of Fuzhou, the first case of Fuzhou, supporting the administrative consultation case

The first case of Fuzhou, the first case of Fuzhou, supporting the administrative consultation case

Recently, Fujian Minqing County Procuratorates supported the seven suspects in the illegal mining case to launch an ecological damage compensation consultation in illegal mining cases. After consultation, the two sides reached the compensation agreement of the ecological environment, and the seven suspects paid an ecological environmental damage compensation for the national treasury.

It is reported that the case is the first case of Fuzhou City, Fuzhou, supporting the administrative consultation of the Ecological environmental damage compensation. From August 2015 to January 2016, the suspect Zhang Moujia, Deng Mou, Xie, Huang and other seven people have got illegal interests, violating the sandbrask bans, under Chen (discrete), the same Zhang A total of 24 people, Zheng (all the cases), etc. Waiting for tools, stealing and selling river sand 7000. It was identified that the river sand belongs to the area of ??outside area, and the gang is about 644,000 yuan during the above period. After accepting this case in April this year, the Minqing County Procuratorate has been accepted by the paper. The evidence of this case is found that the evidence of this case is found that the criminals of this case have a role of river sand in the management of the river, which has an important role in cultivating water sources. Its behavior severely destroys the ecological environment of the Minjiang River, causing a larger ecological environment loss. Due to the seven defendants of the case, there were surrendrities, and they were willing to compensate for the loss of ecological environment due to their criminal acts, and the Minqing County Procuratorate believes that the relevant administrative organs can be supported as this claim of the case, and crime The suspect signs an ecological environmental damage compensation agreement to achieve alternative ecological environment repair through currency compensation.

On May 14, the Division of the Minqing County Procuratorate held a joint meeting of the ecological environmental damage compensation work held by the Minqing County Natural Resources and the Planning Bureau.

According to the relevant provisions of the Implementation Plan of the Ecological Environment Damage Compensation Work in Minamous County, the Minqing County Procuratorate guided the relevant departments to implement the claims in accordance with the relevant responsibilities, and carry out the consultation with the case of ecological environmental damage. In order to ensure the smooth development of the ecological environment repair, the Minqing County Procuratorate pays the case of this ecological environmental damages as the case to adopt the predecessor of the criminal penalty from the width of the criminal system, which has promoted seven defendants and Minqing County Water Conservancy The bureau signed an ecological environmental damage compensation agreement on May 19, and the ecological environmental damage caused by the joint crime of the State Treasury is used in this region to carry out ecological environmental replacement repair. On May 31, the Minqing County Procuratorate filed a public prosecution on the county court on the case.

On August 29th, the Minqing County People’s Court made a judgment, adopted the admission of the public prosecutants from the widget proposal proposal, and sentenced to three years in prison, probation for four years, and quit the illegal income. The case’s successful handling of the case has promoted the executive organs to fully perform their duties. On the other hand, the compensation obligors urged the compensation obligations more actively to fulfill the obligation of ecological damages, so that criminals are both criminal sanctions, but also undertake high ecological environmental damage compensation. Increased criminals illegal cost, forming efficient, tight ecological environmental protection law network. The Minqing County Procuratorate continued to promote the formation of natural resources and planning departments, the relevant administrative units were jointly organized, and the relevant administrative units were promoted, and the relevant administrative units were jointly cooperated, and the prosecutorial organs were well-organized. Safeguard, the ecological environment in which the compensation is in place, takes a point to build the ecological environmental safety barrier of Minqing County, and build a live community in the mountains and water forests. (Cheng Huang Shaohua) (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.