Struggling the 100-year road to sail new journey · "July 1 Medal" winner 丨 Revolution pro-Li Hongta: "Highlights" under "General" life

Struggling the 100-year road to sail new journey · "July 1 Medal" winner 丨 Revolution pro-Li Hongta: "Highlights" under "General" life

  Xinhua News Agency, July 12, July 12: Revolutionary Prime Minister Li Hongta: "Highlights" Life Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Noo, Bai Bin June 29th, "Gao Guang" once again played in Li Hongta: this The 72-year-old man stands in the golden hall of the Great Hall of the People, and I have received "July One Medal".

  Grandfather is Li Dazhao, and Father Li Yuhua once served as the first secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, the President of the People’s Bank of China … Born in such a "high-gloss" family, Li Hongta has always been hard, clean, honest, strictly rule "revolution The precious nature of traditional generations, became a model for party members and leading cadres.

  "General" is the word Li Dazhao, which is also the persistent pursuit of Li Hongta for a lifetime. "General" is a good home for hard work. This is the "July One Medal" winner Li Hongta (photo on June 29).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Hui photo [live in the middle of the people] 20 years ago, on the Yangtze River Road in Hefei, Anhui Province, there is often a tall middle-aged man to walk through the streets of bicycles through the bike, along the road traffic police and vendors recognize him – – "Li Hall, head" on the cycle. He is Li Hongta, a director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Anhui Province. After soldiers, workers, and later worked in the Communist Youth League, Civil Affairs, CPPCC and other departments, step by step to lead cadres.

A habitual career accompanied by Li Hongta: In addition to a very small number of important officials, Li Hongta insists on cycling on a bicycle every day. As the age increased, in 2003, he replaced a bicycle to an electric car, and laughed, this is "keep up with the times." Li Hongta is more frugal, for eating, wearing, and lives, and a family is "snail" in a set of winter-cold summer rooms, living is 16 years.

Even so, there is not much deposit at home.

The annual unit organizes "send warmth" "love", the amount of Li Hongta donated is the top.

He regards the people as their own relatives, and the low-protection household dumplings did not fall, and the laid-off workers who came to help did not have an umbrella. He looked at the eyes, no matter how to help.

  [A red line connects three generations] After 22 years of grandfather sacrificed, Li Hongta was born, he was looking forward to the story of his grandfather. "Yellow roll blue light, rushes, winter, one flush, summer cloth", is a true portrayal of Li Dazhao’s poor life, and his income is mostly used in party organization activities and funding youth students. Father Li Weihua has educated his son. "Can not be suffering, you can’t adult", the simple and unbelievable: old three-fitted furniture, artificial leather chair, the sofa is a pit.

In 2000, the relevant departments of the Central Committee would tune the house for him. He said: "I am used to it, I am older, don’t adjust.

"The best home is the words and teachings of the father."

"Li Hongta told reporters that he lived in two places with his father, occasionally lending to Beijing, his father always blame his delay, should put more energy at work.

"Father’s physical strength, strictly demanding yourself, long time, I also know how to do people, how to do things.

"" Cooperative "is the guardian service for the people, this is Li Hongta portrait (photo on June 28).

Xinhua News Agency, Li He photo ["Communists want to be with the people"] 38 years old, Li Hongta walked into the Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department. "Do more things to do more, good things are mostly me." Li Hongta said.

  During the work of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Li Hongta is used in at least half of the time every year. Many comrades know his "reverse work method": do not greet the city and counties during the countryside, often let the driver "to open the car to the place," then walk into the village.

  From the people’s home, he reached a discussion.

"You must leave the road and ask the people directly.

Walk along the road, look at the glass, is not as good as your footsteps.

Li Hongta said. In the summer of 2003, there was a flood in the Huaihe, and the River Basin. In order to find the disaster, Li Hongta has rushed in the disaster area for more than 20 consecutive days. He has a key role in the resettlement disaster. In the rice bag of Sheng Saimi, I took out the rice grain, and I went back to the briefcase to find the relevant department to test the quality of life; he walked into the tent of the affected people, found that it was hot, and quickly measured the temperature, and took the thermometer to the county party committee In the office of the secretary, a few days later, the local party and government organs took out the office, and more than 30,000 people living in the tent were placed.

  Comrade who has worked with Li Hongta to recall: he has studied from the grassroots, often wearing a green ball shoes, rolling his trousers, full of soil, to the office, immediately call comrades related to the relevant office to encounter problems Negotiate solutions.

  "There are two sentences to do things in the civil affairs department: the parties and governments are concerned with the difficult people.

Li Hongta said. ["Service difficult people, a blessing"] After the vice chairman of the Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Li Hongta’s work is still related to the difficult masses – the poverty alleviation work. He led the team research, The recognized trip is full, the rhythm is fast, and I also like to "seek ugly", "unveiled", the patriarchal, the host school, the nursing home in the city, the old community, has always been the focus of his attention. In the long run On the basis of in-depth investigation, Li Hongta revolves around "Promoting Urban and Rural Integrated Comprehensive Supporting Reform" "Improved Poverty Alleviation", "Critical Poverty", "Caring for Poverty", "Caring for Rural Left-behind Children", etc. Even if the annual old, Li Hongta also serves as the vice president of the Chinese Charity Federation, still doing to the charity cause.

In the promotion of the Chinese Charity Federation "Happy Home" Village Mutual Control Engineering, he went deep into the country with many grassroots research.

In some places, he "habitual" is self-caught, condolences to difficult people.

"Charity is to serve the most difficult people, this is a blessing in his later years." He said. "General" is to guard the Qing’s honest political nature on June 12, Li Hongta reads a book at home, and his grandfather Li Dazhao and the grandmother’s photo of the grandmother. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Ming photo ["We only have a power, that is," a comrade revealed to the reporter, giving a gift to Li Hongta is a thing.

The Spring Festival, this comradish and the lover sent a few snacks to Li Hongta. Li Hongta returned to the item worth several times to bring him home. His father is also true.

After receiving a few bags of raisins, Li Yuhua let his family returned to the raisins, and the bag of the young Li Hongta has a refund with a refund. The father told Li Hongta: "We only have a power, that is, for the people, because doing a little job will receive a gift, this is not a matter of the Communists should do." 2008, Li Hongta’s son married, wedding layout simple Before the colleagues came to congratulate and wrap the red envelope.

In order not to destroy the wedding atmosphere, Li Hongta will hold all the money, but the next day will return all the money. "There is not that habit, this is the tradition of the home." It seems that it is not close, facing the masses, the most serious "human condition": Whenever I see some villagers in the countryside leakage, go to the welfare home When the old man is too thin, Li Hongta is worried than anyone else, trying to help solve it. As a "old civil society", he summarizes the daily work as three words: "The old man is the parent, and the disabled child is the child, regarding civil affairs objects, this is the new era of ‘iron shoulders" .

"[Continue to never stop] Ren Li Hongta, Vice Chairman of the Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference (formerly right) condolences to the masses in Pulling Town, Yuandong District, Fuyang City, Anhui Province (Photo of January 14, 2011). Xinhua News Agency Invited to Tiananmen Tower, Li Hongta feels: "Grandpa is a hundred years ago, it has been realized today! "In the eyes of Li Hongta, such" high-gloss "always belongs to the revolutionary ancestors.

"Looking back in our party’s 100-year magnificent journey, how many predecessors have paid their own sweat, blood, and even sacrificed their lives. Compared with them, I just did what I should do." He said. "I will send the medal to the Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, comforting with Li Dazhao." Li Hongta told reporters that the future will continue to never stop forward.

"Although I have retired, but in the future, I still have to put the party’s good tradition, the style of work is inherited, do my best, do my best.