Shrimp and fruits create frost? Throphooting dose and talk about not science

Shrimp and fruits create frost? Throphooting dose and talk about not science

The Internet age brings quick information, but there are some news that will be influenced by rumors. If there is a rumor, "Some people die because of shrimp and fruits", and the philosophyte arsenic is contained in the news, which meets the vitamin C in the fruit, vitamin C is a reducing agent, and the oxidation reaction can be oxidized with the dioxide arsenic. , Generate trioxide arsenic.

Dioxide is arsenic, which is a cream, which has a poisonous and can cause death.

Therefore, it is concluded that shrimp and fruit "food phase".

Is the fact now? The scientist found that there is not much arsenic in the seafood of the shrimp crab, and each male speech is in the wise. As early as 1935, Thai, Nanjing University professor Zheng Ji collected 184-to-phase food in folklore, Choosing more bananas with tall, peanuts with cucumber, onions and honey, crab and 杮, crab and pomegranate, squid and licorice, preserved eggs and sugar, etc. 14 groups of foods, let animals and people try. The results found that within 24 hours after the eating, all the expression, behaviors, body temperature, and the number of feces, and the number of feces were normal.

This is the first time through scientific tests to verify and refute "food phase" leading to the illness.

In 2008, Lanzhou University has also been similar to Harbin Medical University, and the subject has no significant adverse reactions.

"The food phase" has been passed away, what is this? The following three cases are caused: this article is scientifically checked by Director of the Business Department of CIC Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center.