Sun Chunlan emphasized when Yangzhou research: implementing prevention and control initiatives with more strict requirements

Sun Chunlan emphasized when Yangzhou research: implementing prevention and control initiatives with more strict requirements

Original title: Implementation of prevention and control in more strict requirements (Reporter Dianlian) In order to in depth, General Secretary General Xi Jinping’s important indication of epidemic prevention and control, on August 12, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council Chunlan’s deep-in-depth medical observation point, farmer wholesale market, and disease control center, etc., representing the Party Central Committee, and the State Council said to all the staff members who participated in the epidemic prevention and control. I hope everyone will be more stringent. Implementation of prevention and control initiatives, and work together to defeat the epidemic. Centralized medical isolation is an effective means of blocking the spread of the epidemic.

Guangling Economic Development Zone Mingfa Hotel is a centralized medical observation point and has accommodated 117 secret people. Sun Chunlan is inquiry with how many old people and children in isolation, life security is difficult, how do you feel emotions, thank you Wuxi Public Security in the 24-hour isolation point, and please convey all prevention and control personnel and isolate the masses. greeting.

She pointed out that it is very important to concentrate medical isolation, standardize, professional, prevent cross-infection, pay attention to psychological soothing, let the isolation will be safe.

Safeguarding a good life is the basis of defeating the epidemic. In Jiangsu Friendship Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Sun Chunlan understands the necessary vegetables, meat, and eggs and other cargo procurement, transportation, sales, and market environment of residents, and communicate with market management personnel and merchants. Thank you for security The hardships and efforts of the vegetable baskets of Yangzhou citizens.

She said that the epidemic made Yangzhou met a temporary difficulty. As long as I continue to stick to it, I can quickly control the epidemic, let Yangzhou "good place" to restore vitality and vitality.

She asked to continue to ensure the smooth flow of relevant anti-prevention materials.

In the Qijiang District CDC, Sun Chunlan and the disease control personnel do a good job in nucleic acid testing, traceability, monitoring warning, etc., I hope that everyone will further strengthen the analysis of the trend of the epidemic, propose professional recommendations, and through this epidemic Prevention and control, study how to strengthen the basic public health management.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee is in the investigation.

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