"Purchase benefits" component of the loan, so is self-induced drop signs

"Purchase benefits" component of the loan, so is self-induced drop signs

  "There is no free lunch," which is a timeless maxim, however, in today’s society there are still many people on the "free lunch" Satisfaction.

According to the Xinhua Daily Telegraph reported that, in recent years, a number of telecom business in there a lot of "purchase benefits" policy: "to get the phone for free," "Mobile 1 yuan to buy," "purchase credit" to buy the phone just in front of …… salesperson phone blink a eye for authentication, you can get a few hundred to several thousand dollars in concessions.

But, there really such a good thing? The answer is clearly no.

Take low-cost high-end mobile phone activity is the various telecom operators in the 2G era time-tested "routine."

Now 5G era, also use this method to stick to consumers, but also refused to concede defeat. Has the essential difference is that the contract has a low-end mobile phones to take black and white, the number of monthly consumption is clear, both parties will see the provision of information symmetry.

Previously called "cell phone free to take", but it is a kind of induced consumption: individual salesperson in the knowledge of consumers, privately installment loans to customers for business. The most direct consequence of this is that the customer service phone arrears not receive a reminder fee information, but reminders credit information. And reminders reminder fee loans, one word, but a great difference: not only because of the difference in breach of both gold and late fees, but also because the latter even small phone arrears are likely to cause the credit impact. Needless to say, such a consequence is that many people unbearable.

Actually, the "purchase benefits" is a cell phone you want to map, the result is likely to catch my personal credit information, phone seconds change "grenade."

So "digging", people keep track. In the fierce competition the major telecom operators today, "purchase benefits" could have been a promotional tool, tried to let hundreds of thousands, to build consumer loyalty over time. Obviously, some businesses have no patience for market cultivation and care, they direct use of a large customer base to "implant" some of their own tricks.

Experts say, from penetrating the regulatory point of view, flower chanting freeze for 24 months the amount, and the wing is payable in installments, higher overdue liquidated damages, which are in line with net loan characteristics. At this stage, this is a field to be wait and see, not suitable for bundling of telecommunications services. In particular, some middle-aged customers, many of them are not quite understand WiFi crowd, through "to the camera blinked" Authorization to induce them to fall into the trap of the loan installments, is brutally betrayed the trust of their customers.

How can such a treat their "God", but also in the market to walk far? "Purchase benefits" component of credit behavior, also have taken place in their own business hall. Under the facade, inducing Shuahua, you really do not even have a fig leaf? In fact, sell to customers installment loan business is cooperation agency operating room, operating room and unofficial, but also cooperation agency operating room hung with telecom operators brand, but also for the general public "voice."

Only responsible for licensing, supervision is not responsible for, let their customers are hunting routine staging of the loan, leaving the immediate and the benefits from smashing signs, this "calm" really okay? The consumer’s right to know, to choose and fair trade, is beyond doubt.

Whether purchase discount packages, net loan or financial products, under the premise of compliance with national laws and regulations, all consumers need to clearly and simply. This restaurant dishes and the price tag is a reason. "Blinked" on the authorization, and do a play like, itself lacks rigor consumption process.

At this point, can not help but emerge so that "consumers to continuously improve self-protection awareness," the Friendly reminder. But not every consumer can hold the "anti-people such as anti-Chuan" state of alert. Therefore, the relevant regulatory authorities, the action is necessary to act quickly, for those illegal acts against the people’s vital interests, not only to oblige the operators to return the fees and damages, should be punished according to law.

(Xie Weifeng).