The first Children’s Day after "double reduction" is happy

The first Children’s Day after "double reduction" is happy

  June 1 is International Children’s Day. As the first Children’s Day after the "double reduction" policy, how do children live? In the past few days, a reporter from Chongqing Daily conducted an interview. All kinds of creative activities to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and hands -on ability "Look, that is Nezha" "I am a knights who are walking around the world", "Zhuge Liang is here" … On May 31, Chongqing People’s Primary School held a one. Creative show on the field.

The children played cosplay and showed you the familiar character characters. The wonderful dress is a great dress. "All characters are selected and prepared by children themselves. Some props are made by themselves. They are particularly lively and interesting. I hope to stimulate their creativity and hands -on ability." Said the relevant person in charge of Chongqing People’s Primary School. On the morning of the same day, Yuda Mountain Primary School carried out the "June 1" International Children’s Day celebrations around the theme of "children of all ethnic groups to the party, science and technology and art to build dreams".

At the national characteristic theme garden meeting, students participated in the Mongolian wrestling, Tibetan archery, Li’s bamboo poles, and other national characteristics. They not only appreciated the rich folk cultural style, but also exercised their bodies.

At the same time, the school also held fun science and technology activities to cultivate students ‘innovative spirit and hands -on ability, and stimulate students’ interest in science, science, and science. The Xinghu School of Liangjiang New District organizes the entire school students to conduct a big competition: the first grade is held to be a red scarf competition. … Students either go home to practice their skills, or start their brains, and experience the infinite fun brought by creativity. Books and sports supplies are hot Children’s Day gifts on the evening of May 31. In the Xinhua Bookstore Shapingba Book City, the reporter saw that many parents took their children to choose books as festival gifts. The mother of a fourth -grade student frankly said: "After the" double reduction ", the child’s family assignment can basically be completed in school. The child likes to read suspense novels in his spare time. Today he brings children to buy.

"Books are one of the most popular Children’s Day gifts. Statistics from JD showed that the amount of pre -sale orders for’ s self -operated book is increased by 270%year -on -year. , Year -on -year increased 860%, 240%, and 160%.

  In addition to extracurricular reading, sports supplies have also become a "popular" of children’s Day gifts.

At several sporting goods shops on the two roads, the reporter saw several parents choose a badminton racket, sneakers, rope skipping and other sporting goods with their children. The father of a second -grade student said: "Now, the child not only has a guarantee for physical education in school, but also has more time to participate in physical exercise after school. The child is more and more like sports. Therefore Children are holiday gifts. "" The sales of various sports products last weekend increased a lot. Most of them were parents who took their children to buy children’s Day gifts. "The owner of a sports shop said. The community construction platform carried out the popular science food experience and other activities "Baked Pizza!" On May 28, children and children in the district of Xuetianwan Community Organization in Shangqing Temple Street, Yuzhong District held a parent -child DIY handmade pizza theme experience activity. Under the guidance of the gourmet, the children carefully paved the noodle cakes in the baking sheet, and then added fruits, cheese, grilled intestines, condensed milk and other ingredients according to their own taste.

The teacher put the pizza in the oven. After 15 minutes, the hot and fragrant pizza was completed. In the process of making food, the children exercised their hands -on ability and enhanced parent -child relationships.

  On the eve of the "June 1st" International Children’s Day, some children and children in the High -tech Zone and Shapingba District of Huxi Street organized an interesting popular science event. Under the leadership of relevant fields such as Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing Normal University and other universities, students participated in the small experiment of drinking water disinfection principles, observed the horizontal cut surface specimen of water lilies under the microscope, and understood the reason why the water lilies could float on the water. Identify the true and false fruit juice and authentic wine … Students explore scientific mystery and inspire the spirit of exploration in hands -on operations. The relevant person in charge of Huxi Street in High -tech Zone said that they docked 15 college science popularization bases including the Radio Popular Science Center of the Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology and the Human Life and Health Museum of Chongqing Medical University in the area under its jurisdiction. And the resources of social units, provide a platform for experienced science for children and children in their jurisdictions.