"Dezhou Huimin Security" officially released the highest amount of capacity of 2.3 million

"Dezhou Huimin Security" officially released the highest amount of capacity of 2.3 million

"Texas Huimin Security" is guided by the Dezhou Medical Security Bureau, the supervision of Texas Banking Supervision Branch, and 12 insurance companies jointly assume insurance responsibilities, combined with Dezhou City’s economic development and social insurance guarantee level tailor-made, for all basic medical insurance The supplementary insurance products of the insurance personnel are designed to regulate the "difficult to see a doctor, seek expensive" to meet the Diversified Health Guarantee Demand of Texas. Only 79 yuan per year, you can get the maximum 2.3 billion yuan guarantee.

Does not set up the survey of insurance for age, gender, occupation, and past history.

From now on, there are all basic medical insurance insured personnel in Dezhou. Support personal medical insurance account payment.

Insured employees can use employee medical insurance personal account balance to participate in the direct family members (spouses, children, my parents, and spouse parents) to participate in Texas, and can implement one person for 8 people.

The scope of the guarantee includes: the first hospitalization within the basic medical insurance, the total number of outpatients is the highest, the 16,000 kinds of malignant tumors, the medical expenses are guaranteed by 1 million yuan; 9 special disease specific drug medical expenses are guaranteed to 300,000 yuan. On the proportion of reimbursement, the basic medical insurance range is hospitalized, the outpatient slow disease fee guarantee is 10,000 yuan, and the ratio of non-neutrality personnel pays is 80%. The last disease person is 30%; the malignant tumor specific drug medical expenses are exempted for exemption 20,000 yuan, the ratio of non-nature personnel pays is 80%, 30% of the last disease; special disease-specific drug medical expenses guarantees from 20,000 yuan, and the ratio is 70%.