Zheng Qingdong met with Wang Jianjun and his party

Zheng Qingdong met with Wang Jianjun and his party

  Economic Daily, Beijing, January 24th. On January 24th, Zheng Qingdong, president and editor -in -chief of the Economic Daily, saw Wang Jianjun, member of the CSRC and vice chairman of the CSRC.

On behalf of the Economic Daily, Zheng Qingdong expressed his warm welcome to Wang Jianjun and his party. Thanks to the CSRC for his strong support for the news promotion and career development of the Economic Daily for many years.

  Wang Jianjun said that he was commissioned by Yi Hui Man, the secretary of the Securities and Futures Commission, and came to the Economic Daily in a special trip a year ago. He sincerely thank the Economic Daily for its attention to the capital market over the years and their concern, support and help in the work of the Securities Regulatory Commission.

He said that the media is an important part and participant in the capital market and witnessed and cared for the growth of the capital market. In recent years, the Economic Daily has made heavy sounds on multiple key nodes, which has played an important role in stabilizing market expectations and boosting market confidence.

It is hoped that it can strengthen cooperation with the Economic Daily, establish long -term stable working mechanisms and smooth communication channels, and jointly maintain the steady development of the capital market. Zheng Qingdong said that the steady development of the capital market plays a vital role in the stability of the national economy and the overall situation of the political situation. It is the responsibility of the Economic Daily to do a good job of reporting related to the capital market and public opinion guidance.

In accordance with the requirements of the central government, the Economic Daily will attach great importance to the publicity and reporting of the capital market, strengthen communication and cooperation with the CSRC, and ensure that the stable words are in the head and steadily seek relevant reports.

Continuously strengthen public opinion guidance, continue to magnify positive energy and sing the main theme.

The two parties should establish a long -term working mechanism to form a joint force to jointly report the capital market.

  Wang Jianjun and his party also visited the entire media center of the Economic Daily.

  The responsible comrades of the General Office of the CSRC, the issuing department, and the listed department, and the Economic Daily Office, the editor -in -chief office, the Caijin News Department, the internal reference editorial department, and the responsible comrades of the Zhongjing.com attended the meeting. (Editor in charge: Feng Hu).