Shanxi Heshun: Strive to create a new situation of high -quality education

Shanxi Heshun: Strive to create a new situation of high -quality education

Liang Jinxiang said: "Since last semester, I have finished my homework at school. With more time, I have learned the basic actions of table tennis, learned to get the kick, and I am learning a double -player.

"In order to further implement the" double reduction "work, the county experimental school combined with the actual situation, scientifically formulated a series of related measures in controlling the amount of operation, designing hierarchical operations, and improving teaching efficiency, and focused on students. With parental needs, actively carry out diversified after -school services, provide students with more room for learning and development, meet the needs of personalized development, and promote the overall healthy growth of students. To make an article, work hard on the words, the first is the student’s aspect, and the student’s academic burden is reduced. For parents, we must reduce the financial burden and spiritual burden of parents. In terms of increasing, our school mainly implements three aspects. On the one hand, the burden reduction in the class should increase efficiency. The second is to optimize the operation, achieve layered requirements, improve the overall improvement, improve the gold content and effectiveness of the operation. The third increase is about educating people, allowing each child to develop a personality development and develop excellent development. "While implementing the" double reduction "policy and compulsory education delay service to achieve full coverage, the county education bureau actively promotes the" double increase "of quality and effectiveness. The construction of the rural juvenile palace and community covers the county’s rural schools, providing children with diverse and rich growth space, and created a "five education" of "community settings and various subjects". , The county education bureau focuses on the shortcomings of quality education in Hexun County, and implements rock operations. The participating teams and delegations consisting of Heshun County Experimental School have achieved excellent results in the city’s sports meetings and the city’s primary and secondary school art exhibitions. The level of educating people has been continuously improved, showing the standardization of after -class service and assignment arrangement, the normalization of singing, writing, and civil code, the characteristics of family labor education, standardized physical education, and diversified campus culture. The beautiful scenery of Shangwu and Lide ".

It is understood that in 2021, 11 Tsinghua University of Tsinghua University and the city’s liberal arts champions in the county’s college entrance examination achieved the established goal of "reconstructing the peak and getting out of the Sanjin". The brand in Hesun has been screaming in the land of Sanjin; the professional counterpart is entered into the national level, and the overall indicator of compulsory education in primary and secondary schools has basically reached the high -quality balance. Preschool education is leading the province.

At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the "four non -picking", the county education bureau accurately implemented the results of controlling dropouts during the transition period, and continued to ensure the "four 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% of the enrollment rate, consolidation rate, and disabled child admission rate of compulsory education. "The indicator tasks have achieved the high -quality and balanced development of urban and rural education.

Focusing on the "building high -quality and good education", the county education bureau will adhere to the integration of "quality education and comprehensive education" into the whole process of school governance schools, consolidate and expand the results of the "Rock Action" and "Fuyao Plan". In the various measures to promote high -quality development of education, on the new journey of "learning in Hexun" brand education, we will continue to fight for higher quality and better education.

Yang Ruizhi, deputy director of the county education bureau, said: "In the next step, the education department will adhere to quality education, comprehensively educate people to run school ideas, and strive to promote the popularization of preschool education, high -quality and balanced compulsory education, high school education to go to the steps, resolutely maintain the security bottom line of the education system, , Continue to pollute the study business cards in He Shun, and run a high -quality and good education. "(Zhang Yaoyue) (Responsible editor: Zhao Fang, Zhang Linshan) Share more people to see recommendation reading.