Another color article in the UV World Discovery the World China National Geographic Network

Another color article in the UV World Discovery the World China National Geographic Network

Is the world in the eyes of other creatures the same as the world in our eyes? the answer is negative. Due to the different photosensitive ability, the reflex spectrals of different creatures are different. For example, the ultraviolet rays that we can’t see are sensitive to many membrane wings and insects such as bees.

Although the ultraviolet rays are not visible to the naked eye, through the UV fluorescence photography of Huawei P50Pocket ultra -spectrum imaging module, we can also find a completely different natural world ~ Changchun flowers are common cultivation flowers. The fluorescent response is not the flowers, but the fruit growing under the leaves.

These toxic fruits will emit bright blue -green fluorescence under ultraviolet rays, which may be a warning or protective color, reminding those animals that are sensitive to the light of this band to ensure smooth reproduction. The broken intestine flowers of the chippedite family are very large. From the appearance, it is white, but it contains chlorophyll. Under the exposure of ultraviolet rays, it will see it gradually becoming red from the inside to the outer. The white transparent part is launched, and the whole flower will be very dreamy.

The fruits of the beach of the oatski are white. Most of the irradiation of the ultraviolet rays does not have a special fluorescent response, but in the skin damage part and the top pistils at the top, there will be obvious fluorescence reactions due to the existence of chlorophyll.

Sato is one of the largest beans in the world. Each pod will be more than one meter long, but its flowers are very small. The entire inflorescence consists of a small flower with a diameter of only about five millimeters. Cattail. Under the ultraviolet rays, blue -green fluorescences with flowers with pollen are produced, and foreheads containing chlorophyll will produce red fluorescence. With the blue -purple color reflected by stamens, the entire tidbits will show psychedelic beauty. The flower of Nanshan vine is green as a whole, not eye -catching, and it is easy to flood in green leaves, but under the exposure of ultraviolet rays, we will immediately find it different.

Corolla containing chlorophylls will show obvious red, and the secondary colors in the middle will appear white because of special epidermis, and the special effects of red stars and white stars will appear. Taking Huawei P50Pocket to appreciate the naturally different from different perspectives and keep exploration, you will capture the other side of the world.